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The website for my upcoming book "Agile Android Software Development" is online.  Check-it out.



The Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can now order the ebook or pre-order the book (paperback) from the official website: https//

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Hello everyone!

First, I must thank all the backers for making the Kickstarter campaign a success, and for believing in this project.

Now I will spend the next days, weeks and months to produce what I call the "Version 1.0" of the book, i.e.: the full content of the book, not just some bits and the promise given by the ambitious table of contents!

What's next?

I'll start writing the first technical chapters of the book in the coming days. As stated in the preface of the book, we'll set up an Android development environment and build the foundations of the FizzBuzz application we use in the book to explain the concepts presented. I will send to backers who selected the "ebook" reward (or more) regular updates of the ebook that they can download. For everyone else, an HTML version will be published online, and updated regularly with new content. As always, I invite you to give your comments. This book is written for you!
Also, all backers will soon receive a survey asking you the information you want to be displayed in the book in the acknowledgments section and for the git commit dedication.
For those who wonder why the books date is scheduled for January 2017, I want to reassure you. This is the worst case scenario, for example: I work full-time on a contract while writing the book for the next 12 months. So if I get to spend more time on the book, it will be published as soon as it has reached a satisfactory level of quality, and it has been copy-edited. Throughout the writing, I'll let you know the next steps and milestones using the updates on Kickstarter. If you have comments or questions, please let me know.

What to do: I missed the campaign but I would like to buy the book?

I got a message from a reader interested in the book, but he missed the Kickstarter campaign. If this is your case, or someone you know, visit the book's website:

In the coming days, there will be options to pre-order the book, whether in paper or electronic format.

Thank you again for your interest in this project!

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Stay tuned, Agile Android Software Development #kickstarter campaign will start soon. #indiedev #AndroidDev #android

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Hi i'm reading your book and translate to korean. 
Thanks for your contents and waiting for another chapters. 
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