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Follow the Neureal project and learn more about it!

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Me and Bill Rice are heading to the hub of the confluence of high end tech, San Francisco! We will be there for the conference on the 19th of July promoting Neureal and getting our Alphasale/Crowdsale really kickstarted and into gear! I will be staying until the 26th and will try to make stops at the Institute for the Future Singularity University among other places.

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We have switched our Early Contributor Points to the Counterparty platform. Here is the link to the new Points:

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This looks amazing! I wish I had the funds to go and promote Neureal there.

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We recorded a chat to introduce everyone to our alphasale, bring everybody up to speed on Neureal goings on and just talk about some crazy stuff. Come give us a listen!

Hi all! We have setup a private ongoing "alphasale" for people who want to join our core team, but can’t or don’t want to contribute their time, the option to contribute monetarily. Check out all the details here

Hi to All! Just red about Neureal! It looks very promising. Best of luck!

Fred Clift here - a long time ago I got an MS in machine learning at byu... now I'm a software dev, and an adjunct professor at byu (teaching computer security)

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Hi I'm Paul Ricci a statistician here in SLC. My email is
You can see my blog with samples of my work at:

Hey there everyone, what's the latest news? Hope all is well.
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