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All Albanians (☪☮✡☥✝) pray to God to stop the terror.
Including Albanians of Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece.

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15 Muslim families help build a church for their Catholic friends & family.
(Report in Albanian)

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Albanian MUSLIMS (and Christians) who saved JEWS in The World War 2,:

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France Unity March - Albanian Religious Leaders A…:
Edit: Seems like youtube has removed the link. Here's the same video on Daily Motion:

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Little kid says "Muslim or Catholic we're all brothers and sisters".  News report in German.

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Pope Francis : "Albania is a model of religious h…:

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Albanians in Albania - Coexist Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Bektashi
Albanians in Kosovo - Coexist Catholic, Muslim
Albanians in Macedonia - Coexist Muslim, Orthodox
Albanians in Greece - Coexist Orthodox, Muslim
Albanians in Montenegro - Coexist Catholic, Muslim
Albanians in Italy - Coexist Catholic, Orthodox
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