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From my point of view 

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@RosalindSedacca Divorced Parents: Effective Communication Is Key to Co-Parenting Success 4 Best Tips!

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Parental Alienation Is Erasing Family

"The impact doesn’t discriminate — Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grandpa, Grandma, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle — all can be ERASED. When the adversarial nature of the Family Court apparatus is in full gear — framing the “Mom vs Dad” case — trauma from parental alienation often plays out with some of the worst type of damage obstructing family bonds."

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As parents we have the obligation to say loud and clear to States our children are not their possession. States have their share of responsibilities and do not need parenting our children as one of their responsibilities.

As father's we are determined to have the judicial system work in the best interest of our children.

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Grant I don't know what we know that these family court judges don't. But I will tell you one thing we have been around for some time and we know danger where it exists.

Family court is one of the most dangerous places any parent would want to be involved with.

It's a good thing children under 12 are not allowed in family courts. The court is no place for adults further more children.

This is one institution where best interest of hidden does not exist.

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At least all is not lost. We have remnants of the profession we use to know as judges. Family court judges deface the profession and bring reproach to the judicial system.

When people lose faith in the judicial system all components of lawful existence suffers and life changes for everyone. We cannot allow family courts to destroy our way of life. We have to remind law makers why we voted for them in the first place.

The pass election results clearly shows human numbers out do millions of dollars. For our children sakes if nothing else let's make the best interest of our children the next social war that we fight.

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Family court 246 appoints conservator who would not leave work to check daughter at hospital who sends daughter to school Un groomed and no coat in 40 degree weather and would not make herself available to pickup her daughter after visitation.

The mother continues to believe finicial child support is to mother, All other child support is from father. All consistent with the culture of the court. To punish hard working fathers in order to fee their monster

Oh...the expense of divorce. Saw this and thought I'd share it for a little Thursday humor. If you can relate, then definitely check out Story 10 from my book.

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This is the life profile of family court conservator.

As father's we prefer our life to be consistent and stable in order to ensure the best interest of our children.

In the final analysis family court has to determine the best interest of the child in custody cases. Now don't get me wrong reading my posts. Family Court judges are no idiots. They know exactly what they are doing.

They also have to know they are dealing with con attorneys who represent less than ideal parents. This post is taken from the page of a court appointed obviously less than appropriate parent.

This parent continues to post next to her girls photos rubbish unbecoming a mother and family court 246 seem to like her posts and her character representation as being in the best interest of her minor children.

This is a mother that abandoned her children years ago now has no problems showing her lavish times at hotels, boosting of romantic dinners and being laid, displaying graphic content of exaggerated sex content on her page where her girls have access to.

Don't forget this mother admitted under oath to having and using vicodin a highly toxic drug. This mother has thousand in credit card debts but is a poster girl for family court 246.

How is it that family court chooses this mother who clearly is an ambarrassment to children and their school mates as a conservator?

This mother has thousands in credit card and other debts that court 246 wants others to pay for.

How is it family court seem to Associate with such questionable characters. Family Court might be the biggest finicial contributor to subsidized anti social behaviour in America. That a parent

practically homeless would get child support from a court, given a home taken from the the other parent rent free, but has enough child support money to be in a hotel boosting get of her new found fortune is simply mind boggling

When will family court corruption end or be seriously addressed and when will father's catch a break from law makers, cronie attorneys and family court judges?

Thanks for the post marvo c 

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Kidnaping is a tool the appropriate term for the practise of abducting children from families and used daily by family courts. Remember my earlier article regarding children not welcome in family court? I left out something. Court 246 Houston will find a way to stage a bogus trial that will bring children disguised as to be interviewed by a judge.

Don't trust that. It's a trap to force detain the child and turn parenting g to the parent they prefer. Family court is a dangerous place for children. Parents should resist bringing their children any where close to family courts

Some of the most barbaric crimes are perpetuated from family courts against hard working loving, law abiding families.

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Family court 246 Harris County Houston can easily be convicted of all the crimes out lined in the attached posts.

This cannot be in the best interest of our children

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