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Name: Breezeheart

Age: 3 years

Gender: female

Rank: rogue

Live by: House of Thunder

Mate: open

Kits: need mate

Sister: Firestorm

Brother: Rainpelt

Appearance: light creamy fur, light gray eyes, white claws, darker stripes

Breed: oriental/tabby

Extra: white owl feathers

(art is mine, please - don't steal this oc)

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19 Moons


See below. Lineart by Miramusu on DA.

|:|Personality Traits|:|
•Easily distracted
•Tends to fight over almost anything, no matter how stupid
•Trues to Bluff her way out
•Will use her claws in any way besides hurting others she can actually trust
•Hates to be ignored
•Somewhat Self-Centered

Heterosexual Straight




Lynx (Father, NPC)
Cherry (Mother, NPC)

|:|Siblings|:| (NPCs)
Salmon (Female)
Streak (Male)
Orion (Male)



Not much really happened to her. She was born a Peasant, in a Peasant family, all the way back to her first two ancestors. She often felt as if she was the lowest of the low, forced to serve the king for eternity with her family. At one point, she began feeling distant from them, since they began to ignore her, getting busier with their own things. Ophelia took it personally, and chose to leave them, taking the chance to be able to set her path, away from her influential kin. She still remained in the kingdom, but now stats on the opposite side from where she once resided. If she didn't have enough to eat, she would result to theft, which can be exploited by the most Alert, but she usually only goes for food that she can actually get away with.

Trying to help get this place active again ^^;

I'm really sorry for not being more active ;; I want to make a new oc for this place but I can't draw at the moment. 

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First contest in this community! :D

Okay so this one is going to be fairly simple! Because I need art of Nade right here, here is what you are going to do!

Draw Nade!

How can you draw him?

🔹Plain Fullbody
🔹Him in his gardens
🔹Him hanging out with your OC
🔹Or a ship drawing!

No stealing other art
No bases
Please colour it ;u;
Have fun!

Prizes! There will be First, Second, and Third place prizes.

First Place! A full body drawing of your character and a shaded headshot! And a Roleplay with Breezesong!
Second Place! A headshot of your character ((shaded)) And a Roleplay with Breezesong!
Third Place! A headshot of your character ((not shaded)) And a Roleplay with Breezesong!

+Diamond Bandana
+EchoNight The Warrior
+MelanieTheKitteh ((Done!))
+Wolfspirit Umbreon
+Cold Rising ((Done!))
+ѕ c α я l є т ѕ н α d є
+SwanSong The Warrior ((Done!))

I will judge by use of colour, line work, and time taken! 3...2...1...GO! :D

Due Date is January 20th!

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Hooray, I'm finally done! :D
Nade and Jacqueline, walking in Nade's yard and talking~ 
I think I spent over 15 hours on this, help-
I hope I got Nade's design right! If I didn't, please tell me so I can fix it <3

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Wip for +Breeze Song™'s contest <3
It's Nade and Jacqueline~
Light green-yellow: Nade
Light green: Jacqueline
the background took forever-

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Second oc here, Jacqueline! i forgot the c in the drawing whoops
I doodled her during math class which explains the random fraction
She is a farmer aka kittypet who has a butterfly necklace owo
Any suggestions for fur and eye colors before I make a ref sheet? I'm thinking about making her have reddish-brown fur and amber or green eyes.

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Alright, I drew Jacqueline on my laptop but I can't choose an eye color-
Aqua, soft green, or amber?
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Mothpaw's sister! Butterflypaw ^^ she will have a profile soon
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