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If you have started reading this, I prefer you keep reading this now. ((Also, if any moderators u pin this or pin something else,there will be serious problems..)) Ok... I'm gonna make it clear, about "my little pony, roleplaying is magic".
First thing, you have to sign up.
Sign up must look like this.
About you:
Other things:
((You do not have to add the "other things" one.))
And a picture of the pony/ies you will be roleplaying. You may use more than one pony in RP if you please.

Second thing, you may use a different RP than the ones that are shown at the top. Just make it clear which one. I was not able to add them to the correct place.

Third thing, rules:
No being inappropriate,
No spam,
Sign in before you role play,
No spamming,
No. Stealing art,
No spam!
For now on, if you want to be a mod you do not ask. I will choose who is capable of being one.
No spamming!
You must ask to roleplay in the RP, before starting.
Have fun!

Now for our board where I keep track of our members. I will add you to da thing and you may start RP.

MODERATORS: +The Purple Man and Pinkie Pie the Pony +cursed katokuri +Aroura a
OWNER: me/+Mlp Articrush
SOON TO BE CO OWNERS: +The Purple Man and Pinkie Pie the Pony
ROLE PLAYING PEOPLE: +Mlp Articrush +The Potato +Lost Melon Love the anime person +Meilora Frakes +Aroura a +star struck +Veronica S +purple gem +Candy Sweet +Burning Aqua loves MLP




It was a warm, summer day. Blacktip had decided to cool off in the pool at Manehatten Community Center. He'd had to argue in order to get Baby Bonnet to let him wander the city by himself, even though the young colt was quite sure he would be able to find his way around.

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it's another lonely birthday, everone in ponyville is fearful of me, just because of a myth. i make myself a cake...but it taste like rubbish, i have to get all my decorations from the dump cose thats the only place where ponies arent at night, and my best friend is a rock i drew a face on with a marker. i look out the window to see another pikie pie party this one is about the defeat of sombro, i look at it with tears in my eyes
((also i'm forced to live outside of ponyville about 1km out, i'm also human))

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Name: Boreal Nights
Age: 22
Sex: female
Race: pegasus
Sexuality: Bisexual
Home: the everfree forest
CM: a heart made of ice
Cutie mark meaning: unknown
Likes: Scaring the crap out of people, robbery, flirting with other ponies
Dislikes: getting caught red-hoofed
Bio: Boreal Nights grew up in the frozen north. She lived in a small village not ruled by Celestia. When she was 16, she set out to make her fortune in Equestria. Unable to settle there, she moved into the everfree, where she is a bandit.

(Vore RP, ask first, prey needed)
You wander the Everfree, hopelessly lost. As you walk deeper into the forest, you here a tree rustle. Wh-who's there?? you call out. You jump as you here a low, feminine laugh. Hello, stranger. Boreal Nights calls to you 

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Okay, so zero of our mods are active, and I'm always the one accepting people into the community.
So, we're having mod sign ups.
Make a post with your OC, why'd you make a good mod, and any other things you want to include.
I want the community to be enjoyed by everyone, and right now I feel like I'm not doing my job.
Sorry guys.

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Friendship is magic :)

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Name:Ice Cube
Bio:in picks
Cutie mark:a equel sign
Cutie mark meaning:she is equel
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its dark, trotters are everywhere, they are not like you, or anything that lives. You were sleeping in a abandoned house when you hear screams and a couple of loud knocks on the door, it sounded like it was a herd of them, you run out the back door, only to see me, my dark purple eyes glow, starring at you, I say hurry, we haven't much time my voice is harsh, and I sound emotionless towards the appending death that will soon follow if we do not hurry

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