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Welcome to Blue Water Resistance - this post Links to the MOST Important information for new players (MOST useful first)..
* Guides: *
Super Quick Primer:
Using Hangouts: HTTP: //
Full Bootcamp:
Fielding Video: 
Wiki / Story Line Primer:
Google ingress Guide :
Niantic intro video playlist:

* Useful TOS-Friendly Software (Android): *
ingress Portal Calc: HTTP: // Goo .gl / Fjv5Q
Awesome AP:
hangout video Blocker: wnEx4g

* Useful TOS-Friendly Software (Apple): *
ingress Toolbox Lite:
Link Calc:
Glyph memorizer:
Hangouts :
G +:

* Must have G + connections: *
ingress ( Profile):
ingress (community):
DeCode ingress:

* Other Local Communities: *
GC Resistance (Secure):
GC ingress Players (X-fac):
SE X-Fac:
Smurfling Lessons
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Hi there, in three weeks I will be in Mobile and Fairhope area for some weeks. I thought it would be nice to meet some Smurfs from the USA!
I come from the Netherlands, Europe.

Is there a RES group I can join?

Howdy Guys, I'm mostly based in Fairhope, but get around the county some.

I tried to fill in an application for the Gulf Coast Resistance, buy can't due to the Verification question - I can't answer as done as it is no longer done by Ingress.

Hey folks, I just started Ingress, and we don't have a central Mississippi community, and so I thought I'd hop in here.

Hello everyone. I'm in the Gulfport area and joined hoping to get involved in group missions and subdue enlightened portals. I'm free most weekends though i am in school. let's make some large fields and make plans 

Lostmontanan here from Arkansas. I need a couple of Guardian portals killed in the Jackson and Harperville areas...can anyone help out?

I want to give a big shout out to Daniel Lawrence (dgl3906464) Super nice guy thanks for all the pointers and the help leveling up. We have to get together again soon

Hi All.
I just found your group and thought I'd check you all out. My agent name is MysticRedNeck and I'm from Cantonment, FL, Northeast part of Pensacola.
I've been playing one year, this is my anniversary week! Last weekend I made L14.
I go to Mississippi, Biloxi about every other month, you all know why$$ but I don't spend the whole time indoors.
I love missions and have completed a few in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, and a few in Mobile.
I'd like to meet a few more players West of here who may be up to being a "mission tour guide"
The next time I head your way. I only need 271 missions for Onyx.

Captured my first portal! I know it sounds trivial, but its my first portal that i've taken from those green guys! 

"Restoration Fellowship Ministries"  on Milton Jones Rd.

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