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Hello how are you today? How your day going?

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BOOKED ONE FOR MINE (what about your )
Perfect gift for the Girls who LOVE taking SELFIES or carry Mirror in Their Purse

Hi there, in three weeks I will be in Mobile and Fairhope area for some weeks. I thought it would be nice to meet some Smurfs from the USA!
I come from the Netherlands, Europe.

Is there a RES group I can join?

Howdy Guys, I'm mostly based in Fairhope, but get around the county some.

I tried to fill in an application for the Gulf Coast Resistance, buy can't due to the Verification question - I can't answer as done as it is no longer done by Ingress.

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Hi guys me and a friend of mine just started playing ingress and so far it is awesome. We're from the mobile area and would love to get with the community and learn more about the game

Hey folks, I just started Ingress, and we don't have a central Mississippi community, and so I thought I'd hop in here.
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