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Hi everyone, check out the List of Available Expeditions which now includes links to available lesson plans. We'd love to see how you are integrating Expeditions in your lesson plans - if you have lesson plans you'd like to share, be sure to upload to TES. 

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Head on up to Stamford in September for an awesome professional development experience. Bootcamp (Sept. 15) & Summit (Sept. 16 & 17)
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Did you know #googleexpeditions kits are available from call us on 01253 804802 for more information.
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Can Google Expeditions be used in any country as long as the app can be downloaded there?

Hi all. After a staff demo at a Primary School in Australia, I was asked by the Phys Ed teacher if there were any expeditions showcasing sports from around the globe. The example he asked about was European Handball - he wanted to show his students what the game was and thought VR would be perfect. This would go for any number of sports, as they typically aren't seen beyond their own country of origin (think Australian Rules Football, or Lacrosse for examples).

Any chance of getting some sports related expeditions up? I think it would be a fantastic idea!

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NEW Expeditions have been added to the list. These include, but are not limited to: Slavery in America, The French Revolution, The Jamestown Colony.

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I'm looking at the 'Astronomy' expedition, specifically the slides 'Our Universe' and 'How do we know what we know?'.

There are quite significant typos in the Q&A section. It should be a quick job as they just need to be rearranged but it definitely should be highlighted. Otherwise, excellent!

Does anyone have a suggestion for viewer storage? I have a class set (30) viewers/devices. I don't need a charging cart, but it has to be transportable for teachers to carry from class to class. Thanks for suggestions!
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