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Hi everyone, check out the List of Available Expeditions which now includes links to available lesson plans. We'd love to see how you are integrating Expeditions in your lesson plans - if you have lesson plans you'd like to share, be sure to upload to TES.

I’m reaching out for help with VR technology. I want to post my Antarctica photos with Google expedition as I complete a year-long unit on Antarctica. I want to make a photo slideshow using my photos viewed through VR goggles. I have used Google Expedition/ National Geographic Antarctica.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Very excited to be presenting @ #FETC this year w/ +Thomas Rup . Also sneaking in a 1st time #disneyworld vacation with the fam. Check out our lineup. #GoogleTourCreator 1/27 8-10am, #GoogleExpeditions 1/27 4-6pm & #GoogleJamboard 1/29 12-12:40pm. Hopefully we will see you there!

Can you push any other apps to the viewers to look at as a class or just expeditions ?

Our k-12 district has used Exp. successfully for many months. Since Jan. 1 the app has updated. Many scenes are not showing. This is for MANY expeditions.
Teacher downloads expedition but 3 out of 5 scenes are not available.
History of Jazz,
The Settings of Shakespear's plays

When we try to open some of the Harcourt expeditions it only shows a black screen with a red circle. The expedition never opens. Does anyone know why?

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know if the Google Expedition kit is compatible to do the Google AR?...if so can someone PLEASE! me to the resources or a how-to video (if any). Where would I get the QR codes that are needed to do the AR?

Is there a spot where we can send in recommendations to Google for VR expeditions we would like to see created?

Would you consider Google Expeditions in the R of the SAMR model?

Any news about when will be possible to import our own tours created with Google Tour Creator to Expeditions?
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