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This is the Maris Region. 
I am planning on making a RP section for the Region, to see how it kinda works, of course, it will go along with the story line, but I want to see players reactions!
You can play as Mia or Luke, who will be posted soon. 
The Professor's name is Prof. Maple (Female) 
You go on your journey with Mallie and Frank Raine, who are your next door neighbors.
Plan on defeating the Elite Four and Team Solar/Lunar!

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+Emmy Candycane​ are your working in the region or not (I'll send mine)

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(No Name Yet, any ideas?)
Modern Pokemon
Summary- A scientist a decade ago wanted to make a pokemon that mirrored modern urban culture. He made it become real by taking a little of every element and the power of the Legendaries of this region(no name yet for the legendaries) and melded them together to make this pokemon. It can change it's skin color and type as time progresses.
Height- 10 ft
Length- 5 ft
weight- 230 lbs

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This is the Champion!
Alana- Grass Type
   Deerling- lvl. 65
          Moves- Leech seed, aromatherapy, seed bomb, leaf plague
    Tropius- lvl. 67
    Breloom- lvl. 66
    _________(Will be new pokemon)

Hello! This is the LOUDSPEAKER! For daily updates, come here!

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Praeleon- Running Pokemon
How to evolve- Melee stone
Summary- It can run so fast you can't see it! When you do see it, there is a rare chance you'll catch it. Unlike Whispeon, Praeleon can't hide its self. It can only run, and barely ever gets tired.

Melee Stone. 
Evolves- Praeleon, _________________
Description- Glows an orange red. Inside, it looks like a fleck of Strong metal was embedded, to show fighting types metal-hard spirits.
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