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Fandom: Creepypasta
Includes: OC's
Chapter: 1 Meeting Slenderman!
A girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes ran into the woods, she held a knife that was covered in blood. Her parents blood and the kids from her school's blood. She ran into the forest to escape the cops, if there was any cops following her. So far, none of the cops followed her but she continued to run. Her light blue shirt was covered in blood and to anyone who will see her, they will think it's paint until they see the blooded knife. She stopped and placed her blooded hand on a tree, she looked at it and there was a sign or a piece of paper saying "No eyes, always watches" she was confused on why there was a paper saying that. Was it some type of prank? Probably so. She took the paper, and continued to walk. Hearing small sounds that confused her even more. She ignored them, seeing more papers and taking them. Her mind kept telling her to stop, but she kept taking them. Maybe she can give the paper to someone?
After collecting almost all the papers, she stopped and saw a man. The man wore a suit, he looked very formal. But he had no nose, eyes, or a mouth. He was faceless. The girl wasn't afraid and slowly handed the paper to the faceless man. "I'm sorry, but I found these in your woods. I'm sorry if this is yours." The faceless man let out a small chuckle, "Child, I thought you were taking my papers to hunt me down. You seem very kind enough to tell me you are sorry for grabbing them, thank you, Hex." Hex's eyes went wide. No one knows her real name, so she calls herself Hex. She blinked, but smiled, "Thank you, mister." The faceless man smiled, but it didn't really seem like it since he's faceless. But he did in fact, smile. He smiled in her mind, "Please, Hex, call me Slenderman."

Wow I actually got Prussia to go shopping with me for food! He always protest and says he is busy when he is not when i force him he runs away to quick for me to catch him. Wow! *I look at Prussia* He doesn't look upset he looks... excited? Why? Well no matter we have to get foooddd!!! I run to the store with Prussia behind me

Time skip~ brought to you by Oliver's cupcakes hehe~

So we are at the store I got the cart and is going to the the food sections first until Prussia took the cart I thought "oh he want to get stuff of his own okay." Until i heard a scream! I turned to look at him and I saw him almost run a girl over! "oh this IS GOING SOOO BAD!" "PRUSSIA YOU BETTER FUCKING STOP THAT CART OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A FRYING PAN OR BETTER YET LET HUNGARY BEAT YOU UP!!!!!!PPPRRRRRUUUSSSIIIIAAAA!!!!!!!!" I chased him around the store and he wouldn't stop i guess that threat made him realize the trouble he is in because he sped up and ran from me! The security had to take us out of the store. "PRUSSIA WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT!" I yelled "Kesesese because frau i'm awesome!" Prussia said and when we got home me and Hungary gave him a beating he will never forget you should have seen the look on his face hahaha!~ 
The End~
Authors note: I am actually planing a homestuck story but i need some time in it and because of school!! uhhhh why!!!! But any way i have to think on how i get to finish it or start it hehe~ 

That Girl...

I just came I the room where my friend is and she is one of  her computer. I walked in and sat down and lad down on her rack. And the most creepies thing she said... "Be careful of the girl in the corner..." she said in a creepy voice. I said "What girl...?" I said very confused there was no girl except my friend and she is a girl. "The girl in the corner..." she said again. "What corner and what girl?!" I demanded. "shhhhh be quiet and that girl in that corner..." She said and pointed to the creepy corner. I was creeped out and she said "Turn on the TV it will help you not think about the girl... I hate the quiet and she does too she doesnt like people talking... she like TV..." She said.I turned on the TV and I was officially creeped out of my friend so i asked her how does she look like? "Uhhh what does she look like?..." I whispered. "... She has long hair over her face and... she is hanged from the corner... i wonder how she was hanged... she doesn't like to be talked about so thats it..."she whispered and she looks terrified. I was scared and said "Okay?!..." "you should leave i'm going to leave... she is angry..." She said and the most creepies voice i swear to god I felt so creeped out that I wanted to run out her house and burn it down! I ran out the room and she walked out the room. The creepy part is that the girl she was talking about was herself in the future... 

Journal entry 2

So I had a creepy experience with me and S. thought it was creepy too. So it was yesterday that i had the creepy experience i was asleep and i couldnt open my eyes because i did want to i wanted more sleep, then i heard singing and i sounded like my mom, she always sang to me when i was little. i turned to where the singing was and opened my eyes but my mom wasn’t there i thought she was there because it sounded so clear but no one was there it was creepy then i turned back to the other side of my bed and close my eyes and it sang again and i felt i was touched on my shoulder and then it was gone because my mom opened the door to wake me up.that was so creepy.


Just a random story :| song 
I listened to is = They’er coming to take me away :)
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Also it's about :Hetalia and 2p hetalia
They took her away they took sis away….

It was a normal day for the Axis and Allies all together in a world conference and me too. The allies and axis, I am that country of Snowville I didn't take a side I am the neutral country. It was a couple years since we were separated. My sis was more part of the 2p's then us, and I was more like the 1p’s they found us. They determined if one fits more in one side that the other I tried to get her back telling then to please not take us apart but they didn't, the 2p’s wanted to keep us together but the 1p’s didn’t they forcefully took me away I cried ….. cried for days…. they didn’t care they made me like there side more than the 2p’s side I was lonely without sis….. sis …… please come take me away from this place…. “Hey dudette why are you quiet”America said “Oh why did you all put me in so much pain” I thought sadly. I faked smiled and said “Oh sorry i’m so quiet I just feel a bit tired can I leave” I oh so innocently said. America the hero or should I say the villain said.But they don’t know that i hate when someone takes my sis away because they will suffer a slow painful death. “Sure dude you can go” he said with that stupid, annoying voice I left…. but what they didn’t know was I planned a murder with one country. They will see what they did no what they all did… sis….. we will meet again….ha…haha….HAhaHAHAHAHAHA. The allies and axis thought it was weird that I was tired. “Hey guys did you find weird that Snow was feeling tired like she is never tired during a world conference?” America said. “Well I-a guess she-a didn’t sleep-a very well?” the cheerful Italian said.So they left it alone and continued the world meeting oh they thought it was still a normal day, not any more…. haha. The world meeting ended and Germany, Italy, and Japan were driving back to Germany’s house since the world meeting was in his country this time. The allies where staying in a hotel in his country. They  thought back at the day they found us they felt very bad for separating us but they tried to make it better here for me. But when they came in there house they where not prepared to see it trashed it was in horrible condition and there was stains of blood in some parts of the house the kitchen distorted, the living room was horrible and the couch was cut by a knife. They desired to call all the allies so all of them will search the house. The allies understood and went to there house very quickly and America busted the door open and “Germany we got your call what is the emergency dude?” America said and the rest of the allies walked in, they all had horrible looks by looking at the room they all had one thought in there mind “What happened." Then Germany motioned a shushing sound and they where silent…. they heard whimpers and crazed laughter…. "HAHAHA THEY SHOULD FEEL THE PAIN I FELT HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” It sounded like in was coming from up stairs and they all ran up stairs. They tried to open the door to the room they heard the voice and knocked the door down they where met with a horrified sight. Blood every where on the bed on the walls but the most horrified sight…. they saw……. me with a knife …..KILLING ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!!! I looked at them and giggled like a innocent child “Look I played with him but he wasn’t very nice so I punished him.”I said with a crazed smile. Then Italy said “Bella why…. why would-a you do-a this…..why.” with tears in his eye’s I looked at those tears as the fell from his face I snapped and yelled “ WHY ARE YOU CRYING WHY! I SHOULD BE THE ONE CRYING! DO YOU KNOW THE FEELING OF SOMEONE TAKING AWAY SOMETHING OR SOMEONE VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU! YOU DON’T! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED KNOW I AM TAKING SOMEONE VERY IMPORTANT FROM YOU NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA”I yelled they didn’t know what they took away from me until they thought back on the day they took her it hit them like a train reck the day they took me away from sis…. They looked at me and England stood and slowly walked forward “Snow please put the knife down and listen please.”He said in a surprisingly calm but a hint of fear in his voice.I looked at him and the others I took my knife and I ran towards the window I looked back and gave them a very crazy smile and jumped out the window I ran very far away from them “They wouldn’t understand they wouldn’t…sis…I’m coming”I thought happily and went to find her.I will find her no matter what. England looked at the way I ran away and the others where checking if the country had a pulse and for very good luck they did America walked towards England “Hey dude I think it’s are fault… I don’t know why.”America said with a guilty look and looked away from England to the broken window. Italy was crying on the floor and Germany was confotrting him and Japan was thinking. They had to call the 2p’s they had too.Japan walked to England and “Engrand-san I think we shourd carr our counter parts to herp us.”Japan told England, and England knew the answer “Yes we should I think they know the answer Japan.”England said then England walked away from Japan and England took out his phone as slowly dialed there counter parts phone number “Hello~Oliver Kirkland speaking” Oliver spoke in a childish voice.  “Hey it’s me Arthur can you call a bring the others… it an emergence please Oliver.”England said with a low and urgent voice Oliver took a while to answer and “Okay Arthur “Oliver told Arthur in a much more serious tone that Arthur almost mistaken him as someone else. Then Oliver put the phone down he also turned off the oven because he was cooking cupcakes.He then called the Axis “What is it Oliver, if it’s-a to try you-ar new recipes   for cupcakes then-a no if-a something else what is-a it?”Luciano answered with a tough voice. Then Luciano was not prepared to hear Oliver with a serious voice “Come to our house we are going to our counter part world it’s a emergency they said so also bring Ludz,Kuro, Kira, with you and come imminently “ Oliver said. Luciano put the phone down and went to get the others “Ludz can you-a and kira come down-a here and Kuro can you-a come up from the-a basement and come-a here from your-a training Oliver said it’s-a an emergency!!!!” They quickly ran down or ran up because of Kuro and they assembled in the living room Luciano told them they have to go to Oliver’s place to be sent to they counter parts world and they went out to go to Oliver’s house.Oliver in the meantime was explaining the whole FACE family about it and they went to prepared they got food, some weapons and a little clothes because they don’t know what the emergence is until the Axis came and knocked the door down literally, Oliver was angry but they got no time to argue and the Axis walked up to Oliver “Okay we got-a here now-a do your magic thing-a and get us to the-a other world-a Oliver”Luciano said.Oliver nodded but was offended  that he said magic thing it’s teleportation! But continues to say the spell “Oeka, ottpatu,uralr,wecktuma,AROLFIT!”Then they slowly went to there counter parts world. England was waiting for them and jumped when a portal appeared and thought of Oliver and quickly calmed down. Then Oliver poped out first then the rest of then came out and was standing in front of England “Okay what’s the emergency poppet or Arthur ~”Oliver said with his normal childish voice back then England told them what happened when it was weird that Snow was sleepy until they saw her try to kill a country. Kira wasn’t shocked and so was the FACE family only the Axis was shocked “W-w- WHAT THAT-a BELLA REALLY KILLED-a SOMEONE I-a THOUGHT THAT SHE-a WOULDN’T EVER-a EVEN IF HE IS-a BAD GUY !!!!!!”Luciano screamed Kira then Looked at Arthur “Hey look bring your allies and the other axis and i’ll tell you something that I know and no one else knows except the FACE family and me.”Kira said with a calm tone but demanding one too. England then called all of them and told them it was a mini meet, they came there very quick. Kira then explained why Snow became like that “When we where abandoned I was 8 years old and my sis was 6 years old I told her to wait by a tree and don’t move that i’m going to come back, then she said okay I went to steal some food for us since we where abandoned I ran pretty quickly for a nine year old I came back I looked but she wasn’t around I looked and looked until I heard a scream near by I wanted to check it out but then I saw my sister with blood on her and a knife in her hand and a crazed smile on her face I looked at a man near his 20’s he looked like a person who kidnapped people i looked back at my sis and she said “That man said you where with him but he lied that lier but I made him sleep for a very long time so he wont bother us again I don’t want us to be ever separated”she said then ran up to me and hugged me she was never a killer type but I accepted it and I took her back and told her “You will never do that again unless a person tries to take you away you only cry for anything don’t make people sleep again okay lil’ sis" she said okay and she never did she began to run very quickly like me when people try to take her away or cry loudly to catch my attention ever since we where never apart.”she ended the story.England and the rest of the people who didn’t know looked very shocked then they heard a voice “OH SIS I FINALLY FOUND YOU~~~~~” Snow said with a crazy wild voice. All the countries looked at where the voice was coming from it was Snow. She looked so happy not having a insane look in her eye’s but the then spotted the 1p’s and gave them a dark look and stared to run at them to attack them but was stopped by there counter parts and looked at them with anger “WHY ARE GETTING IN MY WAY!!!” Snow said with a very angry tone and a hint of hurt in her voice and looked at her sis then she felt a pang of guilt she  remembered there promise the day they where separated she remembered what Kira said “I will promise we will meet each other again just wait a while okay”She said with a calming voice Kira said “Okay sis bye sis”She said that will break your heart. She then returned to the present and stopped attacking and stood still she looked at her sister and her crazed smile was gone she had a frown on her face and lost her wild eye’s she only has sad eye’s and tears where falling down her cheeks and “I’m sorry sis…I broke our promise” she said and looked at the others “I’m sorry…”she whispered and ran away from them “Hey WAIT SISSSSS !” Kira said but she was already gone Kira ran towards the direction she ran and followed her. The others where also helping her on her search for her sister, Snow sat down by a tree but not any tree it was the tree they lived under when they where little. Kira was looking everywhere for her sis and then thought of a place her sis would go so she ran … ran to the tree the lived under she ran and came to the tree and saw her under the tree crying and was blocking her face so no-one saw her crying she ran up to her “Hey sis i’m glad I found you but please don’t run away again come on cheer up I see you always happy never sad smile for me please”She said in a pained voice she actually never saw her sister sad only happy.”I will try to convince the countries to let you come with the 2p’s and I will take care of you okay sis?” Kira said and Snow nodded. Then everybody can to the same tree and saw Kira confuting Snow and then saw Snow get up and she said in the most quietest voice “i’m sorry everyone I couldn’t wait to see sis again and I was very sad for a few days I just wanted to see her again”then she broke down crying again. “I told her that me and the 2P's will take care of her not you guys so please let us take care of her I don’t want this happening again.”then Kira bowed she never bows to anyone that mean this is a very serious situation. “We will-a let you-a have her-a I don’t want-a that happening-a again too”Italy said in a series voice, it surprised every country even the 2p’s where surprised. “Thank you Italy”Kira said she then  “Well let’s go home 2p’s come on we don’t have all day”she said like she is the boss. “Okay bella but-a you won’t-a tell me-a what to-a do anymore-a once we-a get back-a okay”Luciano said in a okay voice then she nodded and walked to her sis and took her and Oliver began to find the spell to bring them back to there world. While he was doing that, Snow want to hug Italy and she did she also whispered  something only Italy heard and nodded and she  went to where Oliver is and he started to say the spell “oktotro, oplrotas,OTAMUTAS!”and they disappeared to the other world Italy looked at where they disappeared and looked at his allies and smiled. The End~ (First story hooray:) )   
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October 27,
Journal entry 1
 So I started to get into CP a few days ago and every time I sleep I get sometimes a dream in them like the very first dream that they where in was that toby had a youtube account and it was very mysterious and then he slowly turned into Ticci toby then after that Masky and Hoodie came and toby went with them and then slender appeared and they looked at me and i looked at then thats when I woke up. then the other dream was with sally I ran out of the apartment and she was standing there and she began to cry and i told her hey do you was to play something she agreed and I took her in the green and we began to think of a game then I wok up. I forgot the very first dream was I think Jeff or someone else tackled me and put a knight at my through and thats it I don’t remember anything else.I don’t remember todays dream so it was I think mashy and Hoodie in my dream I was somewhere but I dont know where but then I woke up thats it looked like they where examining me then I woke up.

It was a windy afternoon and a man in his twenties was walking down the street. But soon it turned into a sprint, as he saw that same girl again. Was the girl following him? Would he even get the answer?! He couldn't think while he ran, he pushed lots of people - which whom gave him dirty looks. He stopped and caught his breathe. He was in a alleyway. It was pretty dark, some broken pieces of glass were in corners which shined from the sun. He gulped nervously, before walking to the glass. He grabbed it, shakily as he saw red liquid coming from his finger and thumb. The glass was stained with red. He threw the glass, causing more red liquid to come out of his hand. He soon heard a animal-like growl. He turned around. No one. Was it his imagination playing tricks on him? Of course not. He knows. He knows it's from fear. He heard many footsteps as he walked out of the alleyway, no one looked at him or even asked if he was okay. They weren't the ones getting hunted down by some weird girl. He continued his walk, he looked around frantically to see if anyone or that girl will be there. No one. He sighed in relief and continued walking. He soon came to stop and saw his house. The windows were closed shut. He walked up to it, getting his key out and placing it in the keyhole. He soon opened the door and walked in. He took off his coat and placed it on the coat-hanger. He soon began to walk around, making sure nothing happened while he was out. He stopped and walked in the bathroom to wash his face. He looked up and saw the girl. Her eyes were blood red, her teeth were sharp as a knife. Her skin was as white as snow, her hair was also as white as snow. She grinned at him, he quickly looked behind him and saw nothing. He sighed in relief, but he soon looked back at the mirror and saw a sentence written in blood "You're next.." It said, he shakily walked out of the bathroom and closed the door. He sighed and walked down the stairs and saw the girl once again. But this time, she didn't leave. He blinked. Nothing, he looked behind and looked back, nothing. He's dead and he knows it. The girl slowly walked up to him. Her knife-like teeth had flesh and blood on them. which looked fresh. He gulped and backed away from her. Soon the girl bit him - he jolt awake. His breathing was uneasy, he frantically looked around. No girl, no blood or anything, he realized he was in a mental hospital. But why? A doctor showed up and smiled at him. "Good you're awake." "Why am I here?" He asked, the doctor eyed him before answering: "You are having many nightmares and you're family is very worried. They sent you here so we can treat you to stop them." He nods. He soon saw the girl, his eyes went wide, "Did you see that?!" He says, the doctor shook his head, "Saw what?" "THAT GIRL! SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" He yelled trying to get out of bed, but the doctor stopped him. "You're just seeing things." "I'M NOT! I'VE SEEN THIS GIRL TOO MANY TIMES!!" He screamed, struggling from the doctor's grasp. "I'm going to get a nurse in here..." The doctor says and walking out of the room. He let out a sigh, the girl came back, this time in his room. She let out another animal-like growl. She walked up to him. Soon the doctors and nurses heard a scream coming from the man's room. They rushed in and saw blood everywhere. No girl to be found either. They saw a sentence written in his blood. "He was next, now you're next."
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It was a foggy night, a young girl was walking with her parents. Her hazel eyes were filled with glee, as her mother held her hand. Her pink lips curved up in a smile. Today was this young girls birthday, as she's going to be 7. But she couldn't see a thing with all the fog, it made her frown slightly - but she kept her smile. The girl stopped as her mother and father stopped with her, soon she looked up and saw a large building. It had a large amount of windows as well, the young girl looked at her parents and smiled even more.

"Mom, dad, what is this place?" She asked.

"Ashley, this is going to be where we celebrate your birthday,"Her mother replied, Ashley's eyes went wide with happiness.

"Can we go in? Can we? Can we?" Ashley says with excitement, hearing her father laughed.

"Yes, Ashley, yes we can." He says, grabbing her hand and walked in. 

Once they did, they were invited with different smells and began looking around. It was pretty fun for little Ashley as many of the people there said "happy birthday". It was one of the most funniest days she ever had. Ashley twirled around, as her smile never left her face. 

"This is the best birthday ever!!" Ashley exclaimed as she twirled around, hearing her parents laugh and smile at her excitement. 

(( I already made this story a couple days ago, but reposting it on here :D ))
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