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Have you voted for iMA yet?
If the answer is "yes", thank you!
If not there is still time but you need to do it now!
It only takes 30 seconds!
We are in the running with the finish line in sight.
Every vote takes us one step closer.

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Help Richard Discover iMA!

When I heard that Richard Branson started a competition looking for solutions to the world's most pressing problems.
My immediate reaction was, "Richard needs to know about iMA!"
Please vote now!
A universal language designed to bring people closer,share more,collaborate more,innovate more.

Thanks for the invite James! Many blessings :-)

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Dare to Dream a Big Dream! 
Move in its Direction 
Actualize it by  using iMA to Connect with those who will want to share your dream.
That's what we did!
Here are the latest photos!
I love this shot as it was taken on Summer Solstice.
Will never forget that moon!

Thanks for the invite thru LI Grp!


Bravo for this superb achievement !
It is splendid.

I count myself an extremely lucky man. I discovered IMA over 10 years ago and it has enhanced my life both professionally and personally ever since. However, my lucky streak didn't stop there, I invested in the IMA Training Complex (the Vineyards) in 2006 and it has become my favourite place on the planet ever since. My profile pic is of me enjoying the sunshine just outside my villa. Thank you James for IMA and the Vineyards Resort and Spa.

A wonderful concept, congratulations on making a dream come true. 

Thank you for the invite, from the minute you introduced it at Ecademy, loved it. It helped me a great deal in creating mutual understanding towards other team members :-)
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