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Welcome to the Science Nerds Community! This is a community where people can share interesting science info, including quizzes, facts, psychological tricks, and more.

Rules (these are the obvious ones just for a reminder):
1. No Profanity. 
2. No Plagiarism. If possible, cite the source of your information.
3. No spam or flooding. (This includes "Repost or Die" posts)
4. This community is meant for learning things - not to see who is the smartest. 
5. No inappropriate posts/photos.
6. Please try to correctly categorize your posts.
7. Failure to comply this rules will lead to a warning, which will furthermore lead to elimination from this community.

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Sorry about the hiatus in this community. Now that it's summer, we'll be posting more. For now, this is a recent article on stem cells.

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Acids and bases. PH(potential of hydrogen) is one way to differentiate them. Water has a PH of 7, and anything above that is alkaline. Anything below 7 is an acidic solution.
This website provides a basic summary on acids and bases.

I think the next few weeks should be all about chemistry! 
Post anything and everything you know about chemistry ;)

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Okay...Theme of the week!!!
Human Anatomy! These two weeks, post stuff all about human anatomy.
So the post of today is about experimental eye research. The link I'm putting down here talks about stem cells and other things. Check it out!

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Do you guys think we should have a theme for every other week? For example, every other Monday, we would say "the theme for this week is _____.". That means every post would have to be about that specific theme. Each theme cannot be repeated until 4 weeks have passed.
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Please don't forget to post once in awhile! Let's keep this community alive!

Also, when we get to a certain number of members in this community (maybe 40-45) we will add another moderator. Again, you will have to post. Not everyday, but you still need to post. If anyone would like to be one, please say so below down in the comments!

Don't forget that ANYONE can post! We want to learn about science from you guys. Please let us know about any facts you have.

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Continuing on with +Michael Fernandez was discussing with us about a week ago, this post talks about the macro stuff.
macro doesn't just mean space, which is so far off many can't even begin to fathom it, yet it's pretty close by. In fact, it's very close by...(woaaaaaaahhh)
However, by focusing on something more tangible to many, we have come to Earth.
This AsapScience video is all about evolution. Earth evolution. Specifically, life on Earth evolution.
If any of you guys have any facts you want to share with us, please do!

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Well, since you guys have been usually going into more micro parts, I'll give something macro. As 'the micro imitate the macro'
I recommend this YouTuber for all sorts of subjects, but Black Holes are indeed fascinating!
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