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Name: Boo
age: 27
gender: female
pokemon: Sceptiles with sceptienite, ninetales, Absol with Absolnite
Meowstic(F), Meowstic (M) and Steelix with Steelixnite

pokemon moves
Sceptile: slash - leaf blade - rock smash and leaf storm
ninetales: will o wisp - feint attack - hex and flame burst
absol: bite - double team - slash and sword dance
Meowstic(F)- psyshock - psybeam - charge beam and concusion
Meowstic(M)- psyschock - fake out - psybeam and confusion
steelix: earthquake - iron tail - dig and rockslide

home: city

pokemon levels and names if some have them

Sceptiles name Naruto level 69

nintales name kyuubi level 36

absol level 27

Meowstic(F) level 29

Meowstic(M) Level: 30

Steelix level 44

(these are the pokemon that i have on my ORSA game it is my party team)

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A whole new Pokemon RP Community needing some extra support!

So come and join and check it out!

If anyone is still alive will be nice, I was going to get some friends to get a story going

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please join this community

(Why did this community died out?! Come on, let's see this get revived once again!)

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Moves:razor shell, hydro pump,hydro cannon, ice beam
Home:always travels
Bio:always travels because trainers went to its home because rumors of rare pokemon

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Art not mine!

Name: My name is... Eva...
Age: I'm only 5...
Level: 8
Gender: Female...
Nature: Bashful
Bio: Class... Classified
Home: A grasslands near this town, and cave...
Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Growl, and Last Resort
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Name: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Level: 70
Pokémon: Dialga
Moves: Dragon Breath - Heavy Slam - Twister - Iron Tail
Home: Mountains and occasionally the Forest

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