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To all those that join my community, thank you for joining this community!

Here, I post random stuff but also give shoutouts on those whom are active in the community and has been a great help to me recently.

The only rule here is no bullying. Have fun, stay fun! And keep being fun!

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Hello,me amigos(Spanish for hello,my friends!)(since I don't have anything good to picture me,this is my picture)

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Hello community :P
Random why u got so many communities xD Can I be moderator?
Oh, and here is a TOTALLY RANDOM first post by me :P (Dats how every teacher should be.. not)

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Hello everyone

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Creeper Airlines is a new small airline created from the Bluelight Airlines industry.

The new airline has its hub at BLIA and operates there at Terminals 3 and 5. It goes to 10 different international locations such as:

- Beijing, China (thrice daily)
- Shanghai, China (twice daily)
- Manila, Philippines (once daily)
- Singapore (thrice daily)
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (once daily)
- Sydney, Australia (twice daily)
- Gold Coast, Australia (once daily)
- Dubai, UAE (twice daily)
- Doha, Qatar (once daily)
- London, UK (twice daily)
- New York City, USA (once daily)
- San Francisco, USA (once daily)

It's fleet consists of:

10 Boeing 737s
25 Boeing 777-300s
10 Boeing 777-9s
15 Boeing 787-9s
10 Airbus A320's
10 Airbus A330's
2 Airbus A340's
15 Airbus A350's

This is a little airline I made

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