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anybody know how to fix this? Just install bbqlinux last night.

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I am unable to see internal HDD partition /dev/sda while installing BBQlinux....Please help.....

hello android fans and linux fans! I am a linux noobie! I recently well found this and I love android so I gave it a try using my virtual machine. It's soo cool!! I still love my windows 10 but my BBQ linux will never be forgotten! :) any tips? :3

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I bbqlinux on a bootable USB. How do I save the session. I looked all over for preference tools, and I don't think this OS supports persistence. Can someone please help.

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Hello guys! I'm new to Android Development and I'd please like to ask a dumb question : how do I install LinuxBBQ to dual boot on my PC? Thanks everyone! 

When I build ISO using bbqiso with time efiboot.img keeps increasing causing "mount: work/efiboot: mount failed: Unknown error -1"
efiboot.img is now 44mb which causes failure due to "truncate -s 40M" []

Is there a reason why efiboot.img keeps increasing?
And a why to calculate it dynamically?
Thank you

Has anyone gotten BBQ Linux running on a Chromebook. I am trying to install it on an Acer C710 I have around instead of Linux Mint. Thanks for any replies

+Daniel Hillenbrand
Last 2 days I'm not able to start compiling cm14
Before that it was working fine.. friend of mine on Mint compiles fine, so just wantet to check if you get this error: in the beginning below those 2 tables with build info:
execvp for /bin/sh failed: Argument list too long

I tried changing shell to zsh and increasing ulimit but the error is always the same
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