Stephan Curry is the best player on ever and ever seen play and I never seen his games but I know he's very good and he is probably going to be better than Michael Jordan one day and he does so much work for what he does and he put so much effort into learning games and and so much that he should be rewarded big event not just hit not just the championship or tournament or something like that he needs to be rewarded with like a reward for most the most orders for the hardest working player in the NBA because he does a lot for his family he has I think he has a daughter and a wife and he does a lot to help his family he practices a lot and all that stuff because he really wants to help and he's really inspiring other kids and you and kids have cancer and stuff like that because they're he had a he helped out these two this these two kids one of them still have cancer and one of them you and no one ever never had cancer but this girl she had cancer and she and she got the Make-A-Wish Foundation and her wish and her wish was to Stephen Curry and because she knew her brother was a really big fan of Stephen Curry Sochi fastest Sochi said that she also wanted her brother to be able her hope so she said she wanted her whole family to come that's just her mom her dad and her brother and her that's what she went with him and that was really expiring and I really like that.
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