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Hey guys, just your friendly admin here, just wanting to set up a few rules before we get started. Nothing too major, don't worry, just the basics, but if I don't do it, someone's gonna ruin it, so here goes:

1. Any post that's not in it's proper category will be warned to relocate to it's proper spot. After twenty-four hours, it will be deleted.
2. Anyone who has an issue with another person within the community should notify an admin. Tagging would be ideal.
3. When you're finished making your profile, please tag an admin so that we can approve it. (And see if you're interesting enough to RP with.)
4. This is a three strike community. We will warn you twice, and the third time, you will be banned from the community.
5. Have fun and don't be a tool. Let's all be respectful and drama free as we fuck each other's brains out!

Admins are:
+Kira Yoikio​​​ (Owner)
+Nɪɢʜᴛsʜᴀᴅᴇ Rᴀᴅᴛᴋᴇ (Moderator)
+Lord Tirek(Moderator)

Before you ask, we are not looking for any moderators until the community gets bigger. Any request to become moderator now or in the future will be denied and marked, and you will not be eligible when we begin recruiting, so don't ask.

Here's a template to use when making your profile. Profiles are not mandatory in order to roleplay, but we have a template for you. You don't need to use it, but eh. Here it is anyways:

Birth Name:
Adopted Name:
Appearance Age:
Actual Age:
Birth Date:
Zodiac Sign:
Death Date:
Previous Love Interests:
Current Love Interests:
Marital Status:
Political Views:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Physical Illnesses:
Mental Illnesses:
Pet Peeves:
Adopted Relatives:
Brief History:

Remember, this is a public community, so watch the pictures you post. If we get shut down, we will be a little stricter when we reopen. So keep that in mind. Now, everyone go out and have fun

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Does anyone want to to a Teen Wolf Stiles x Derek rp? I need you to be Seme Derek and you must know the show, be descriptive and no controlling my Character. I can write the starter.
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I were an ordinary High School Girl.. my Family were very rich. And most guys at school had a crush on me and they all wanted me, but I had no interest in any of them, also I were still a virgin and I also had a boyfriend, and that was you. You were the captain of the football team.
You were a horny and Lusty guy, you started getting annoyed since I didn't want to have Sex with you. And you knew someone else soon would take my virginity. So you had to take my virginity forcefully. At the weekend you invited me to your home to watch a movie, in the middle of the movie I fell asleep, you then knew it was your Chance so then you...

(Any male wanna rp)
(BE dominate, rough, Forceful and abusive)
(Piss, vore, public sex, Gore, Scat, abuse, cumdump, and pregnancy is allowed)
(Please don't control my char like saying im wet or horny or moaning and stuff like that)
(Pregnancy might happen so this is a long term rp)
(Pp ME only))

I'm a male looking for Descriptive (5+ Lines), Switch, Dom, Sub girls. For Femboy role, ask about the roles because they are not listed here, and you must be a dom. The ones i'm looking for the most are bolded.

You're able to be more than one character if you want, from any fandom. I have a scenario for that situation.

Some role's stories don't change even with a change in dominance.

You must read the rules in my pinned post on my profile before asking to rp with me at all.

(D)-Dominant, (S)-Submissive, (D/Sw)-Mostly Dominant Switch, (S/Sw)-Mostly Submissive Switch, (F)-Futa Optional

Choose one you want to try out, and comment as well as comment any other Fandom characters you want to try.~

Shapeshifter if you can't decide on if you want to be more than one character?

((Fandom Related Roles That I'm Currently Looking For))

-Overwatch Girls((Not All Are Available, so please ask which I have slots for.))(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)(F)
-Jinx and/or Vi and/or Caitlyn, Katarina, Lux, Nidalee, Ashe, Annie, Poppy, Lulu, Tristana or Miss Fortune From League Of Legends (D,S,D/Sw)(F)
-Skarpne (D,D/Sw)(F)
-Jessica Rabbit (D)
-Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Aya, Miss Martian, Powergirl, Starfire, or Supergirl from DC Comics(D,D/Sw)
-White Tiger From Ultimate Spiderman(D)
-SpiderWoman (D)
-SheHulk (D)
-Mrs. Pacman (D)
-Sasha Or Mikasa from Attack On Titan(D,D/Sw)
-Touka From Tokyo Ghoul(D,D/Sw)
-Haruhi Suzumiya(D,D/Sw)
-Lammy Lamb(S)
-Eren Ensurance Or Flo(D/Sw,S/SwD,S)
-Wii Fit Trainer(D,S,D/Sw)
-Etna From Disgaea(D)
-Lady Eboshi Or San From Princess Mononoke(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Zeta, Sally, Cream, Vanilla, Amy and/or Rogue from Sonic(D,D/Sw,S)
-Aloy from Horizion Zero Dawn(D)(F)
-Tsuyu Asui From My Hero Academia (D,D/Sw)
-Asuka and/or Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion(D,S)
-2B from NieR: Automata (D,S,D/Sw)
-Archer, Queen Archer, Villager, or Valkyrie from Clash of Clans(S,D,D/SW)
-Sucy Mababaran From Little Witch Academia(D,D/Sw)
-LisaLisa, Foo Fighters, or Jolyne from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(D,D/Sw,S)(F)
-Twintelle or Min Min From ARMS(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Lindsay, Gwen, Courtney,Heather, or Zoey from Total Drama Island (D,D/Sw)
-Emi or Rin from Katawa Shoujo(D,D/Sw)
-Clara from Watchdogs 1(D)
-Sitara from Watchdogs 2(D)
-Wednesday from Addams Family(D,D/Sw)
-Leeloo From Fifth Element(D)(F)
-Yoko from Gurren Lagann (D)
-Satsuki, Nonon, or Ryuko From Kill La Kill (D)
-Shinon from Darker Than Black(S,S/Sw)
-Esdeath From Akame Ga Kill(D)
-Amethyst From Steven Universe(D,D/Sw)
-Quiet From MGSV(D)
-Tohru, Elma, Or Adult Kanna From Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid(D,D/Sw)
-Valentine, Parasoul, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, or Squigly From Skull Girls(D)
-Samus Arin from Metroid(D)
-TenTen, Sakura, Hinata, Konan, Ino, or Tsunade From Naruto(D,D/Sw)
-Chloe Price and Max From Life Is Strange(D,D/Sw)
-Bulma, Vados, or Android 18 From Dragon Ball(D,D/Sw)
-Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars(D,D/Sw)
-Tambry and/or Wendy From Gravity Falls(D,D/Sw)
-Saeko Busujima and/or Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead(D,D/Sw)
-Mavis From Hotel Transylvania (D)
-Rem and/or Ram From Re:Zero(S,S/Sw,D)
-Gwen From Ben 10 (D)
-Lala, Suu, Zombina, Or Papi From Monster Musume(D)
-Candace From Phinas And Ferb(S,S/Sw)
-Kushieda Minori from Toradora(D)
-Marinette/Ladybug, Alix Kubdel/ Timebreaker, Lila Rossi/ Volpina From Miraculous Ladybug (D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
-Konata from Lucky Star(D,D/Sw)
-Selenia from Arthur and The Invisibles(D,D/Sw)
-Lara Croft From Tomb Raider(S,S/Sw)
-Chun Li, Poison, Rainbow Mika, Cammy White, Or Juri Han from Street Fighter(D)(F)
-Nona and/or Chiyuki from Death Parade(D,D/Sw)
-Muffet, Undyne, Or Mettaton From Undertale (S,D,D/Sw)
-Marie And Callie from Splatoon(D)
-Panty And/or Stocking From PaSwGB(D)
-Mizore Shiriyuki or Moka From Rosario+Vampire(D)
-Aqua, Namine, or Kairi From Kingdom Hearts(D)
-Lightning, Yuna, Or Rikku From Final Fantasy(D)
-Midna or Zelda From Legend Of Zelda (D,D/Sw)
-Kumatora From Mother(D)
-Any Of The Romanceable Girls From Stardew Valley(D,S,D/Sw)
-Horo from Spice and Wolf (D)
-Starfre, Raven, Blackfire, or Jinx From Teen Titans(D)(F)
-Halibel, Yoruichi, Orihime, Nozomi, Rukia, or Kukaku From Bleach (D)
-Anna And/or Elsa From Frozen (D)
-Moira Brown, Buttercup, Amata Almodovar, or Random Female Raider From Fallout 3(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
-Piper, Cait, Curie, Female Raider, or Female Sole Survivor From Fallout 4 (D,D/Sw)
-Shinon Or Lizbeth From Sword Art Online
-Liz And Patty From Soul Eater (D,D/Sw)
-Blair and/or Maka, Crona, or Tsubaki From Soul Eater (D)
-Aela Or Lidia From Skyrim (D)
-Maya And/or Lilth, Gaige, Or Mad Moxxi From Borderlands(D,D/Sw,S)
-Mamimi and/or Haruko From Fooly Cooly/FLCL(D)
-Toph and/or Katara, Azula From Avatar The Last Airbender (D)
-Princess Daisy In a Ghost Gangbang(S,S/Sw)
-MLP Anthro Girls(Ask which are available)(S,D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Marceline and/or Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. ((D)
-Erza, Levy, Lucy, Juvia, Lisanna, or Mirajane from Fairy Tail.(D)
-Nami and/or Robin from One Piece. (D)
-Candela Or Blanche from Pokemon Go(D,D/Sw)
-Magma Or Aqua Grunt, or Hex Maniac From Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire (D,D/Sw)
-Pokemon Sun/Moon Girls: Plumeria, Mallow, Mina, Anabel, Lusamine, Pokemon Breeder, Team Skull Grunt Females/Punk Girls.(D)

((Non-Fandom RP))
-Suzy and/Or Holly From The Game Grumps(S,D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Shima, Ladybot, Pandora, or Doopie From Planet Dolan (D,D/Sw)
-Slutty Red Riding Hood (D,D/Sw)
-The Stage Wasn't Made For These Kind of Performances(D)
-A slutty vampire girl (D)
-Perverted Female Roommate(D)
-Pool Party(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Sex-Ed Teacher (D,D/Sw)
-Pirate Captain(D,D/Sw)
-Goth Girlfriend(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Test Subject(D/Sw,D)(F)
-Horny Wolf Girl(D)
-Clown Girl(D)
-A witchy girlfriend(D)
-Female Bully(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Sex Shop Employee(S,D/Sw,D,S/Sw)
-Curious Childhood friend(D,D/Sw)
-Childhood Guy Friend Turned into a Girl(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Horny Werewolf Girl(D,D/Sw)
-Elf Girl(S,S/Sw,D/Sw)
-Cheating Girlfriend(D)
-Robotic Sexbot(D)
-Robotic Female Mistress(D)
-Nudist Girlfriend(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Naughty Female Roommate(D,D/Sw)
-Airhead Childhood/Best Friend thats interested in Sex(D,D/Sw)
-Drunk Girlfriend/Wife(S/Sw,S,D/Sw)
-Tomboy Childhood Friend(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Tomboy Sports Girl Gangbanged by Male Sports Team Members(S,S/Sw)
-Escaped Prisoner(D)
-Head Cheerleader(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Centaur Girl(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Hitwoman/Bounty Hunter Coming for Revenge(D)
-Oni/Demon girl (D)
-Halloween RP(D,D/Sw)
-Thanksgiving RP (D,D/Sw)
-Valentine RP(D,D/Sw)
-Christmas RP(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Ghost Girl (D)
-Ghost Girl possessing a Doll To Take "Life Force"(D,D/Sw)
-Racoon Girl(D,D/Sw)
-Farmhand/Country Girl (D)
-Angel and Devil(D,S/Sw,S,D/Sw)

Anyone willing to do a long term RolePlay with Prince Sidon x Oc?
I have a role play I wanted to do based off the game LOZ: BoTW involving Prince Sidon and my character Sonya.
Sonya leaves her small hut by the lake to do trade with the Zora King. Little does she know, the king isn't there, only his son, Sidon. The two get to talking and one thing leads to another and he leads her to his sleeping chambers for some fun.
Looking forward to role playing with who ever wants to!~ \(○v○)/

Warning, sexual violence and gore are withing this RP

Once more I have had yet another guro RP idea. In this one, I'll play a mob leader who kidnaps a female stripper, a mans pregnant wife and/or daughter, then murders them painfully while he fucks them as a message to the man. I can play a male, futa or female but am only looking for female victims for the RP. Please, no text talk or one liners. And actually comment if you want in.

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"To think It has been three months now since i meet her. Well ever since she started to live with me. Life has always been a little more interesting."

I was 17 when I meant her or be exact when she found me. I have been researching about monsters since that was my main interest. Yet when I meant her i noticed something that day. These monsters i was researching have a more human form then what the sources i used said. Well that was already a surprise. And to my surprise the research was wrong i didn't die by her hands but instead no she just flat out starting to live with me. She didn't even say a word about it. However, I do notice she was being very teasing and seductive towards me throughout the weeks that go by. Well to be honest she really was amazing and a sight to behold. Even at times can be flat out adorable. So after the months she seemed a little "off" her seductiveness grew as she was trying to pin me many times during the day and at night. Well I knew thing I learned she has a dominate nature and can apparently teleport so it seems she can anywhere just in a instant. If she even wants she teleport to the roof of my school a normal hangout spot for me during free period. Well either way since I lived alone I enjoyed her company. And well about her feeling "off". I was about to know the answer to that after a long day at school. When I finally got back home and just dropped my body on the bed ready to sleep but in a moment I noticed a familiar paw resting on my back and that my head was resting on her lap. I was blushing greatly by this as I thought she was asleep by now just cuddling me not knowing she was still awake I just decided to just try to go and fall back asleep

((Open Rp for females to play as the Hellhound. Before the rp please state name and to rp the password is Research. My characters name is Stride for the rp)
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i were an normal 14 years old girl. i had recently talked with you on internet, i thought you were an 14 years old girl named Emma. i and "emma" became friends, and then we dicided to meet eachother. so a few days later i walked to the place we agreed to meet. so i waited and waited ut instead of Emma, you an 24 years old boy came and then you.......

(any male wanna rp)
(please be dominate and rough)
(gore, pee, abuse, toys and blood)
(pp only)

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Female Needed
Must be able to write over two lines

Narrator:> Little Red Riding Hood, as the story went it was somewhat tame. Only the death of the grandmother stopped it from being as child friendly as most would want it. This was not the version I remember however, it wasn't the version I told. Little red riding hood wasn't necessary young, not as a child but more of a young adult. She had a history with her "sexual desires". Too bad for her she only lived with her mother who was strongly against such things. She was no where near a town with any men either which stopped any chance of her truly enjoying her body. This was a small problem she had however and it would lead to a new "adventure" for her to find herself in.

Little red riding hood was walking through the forest, following the same path she had always done before. She wore the same hood as she did when she was young, and wore the same heels she had for 3 years. She wore the same clothing as she had been for 2 years, and was bringing her Grandmother a basket of food like she had always done. One thing however was different this no no, it wasn't the weather, what she had, or the time...but it was what would encounter our protagonist

As she made her way down the path, over the hill that marked the halfway point she had found herself at the old stone bridge. Just as she was about to set foot to the bridge she heard something large move through the bushes behind her. A bit frightened but knowing the area well and being a lover of animals big and small she decided to move to the noise. Taking her foot off the stone bridge turning around to the noise. She brought her basket to the center of her body as she moved over to the bush. A slight smile on her face for she had thought the animal to be a deer. She had moved to the bushes, finding the large bush the creature had found itself under. Sliding her hands into the bush about to move some of the leaves when she felt the fur against her finger tips. She then...

(You will rp as little red, the same appearance as the one in the picture. The wolf will also have the same appearance as it does in the picture. Keep in mind you will be RPing as a woman who desires pleasure yet has no chance of having any with a man or woman, this being your best choice)
(I will ask you a question you must answer to be able to rp this, it will relate to the story)

Okay so this is going to be a fucked up RP from the start, its my usual gore stuff but with a twist, I kinda want to do a consensual yaoi RP that involves a little gore.... A friends RP actually gave me the idea. I'll be a bi top who is the object of the bottoms fantasies. The RP will start with the bottom attempting to seduce the top, who secretly has fantasies about nullifying a male. This will be where the gore comes into play.
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