Care to join our little challenge?

Hey guys, sorry I've been super busy...finals week for us at Rockhurst. I don't know if anybody had any ideas for a discussion tonight. I would be down for something if the group wanted to.

Hey everyone, no chat tonight, we'll pick up next week.

Hey everyone, I wanted to get some feedback on the group.  Do you guys like using G+?

Are we up and running?

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Let me know what time works best for you.  For future chats.

Alright for this week let's stick with 8 central and we'll figure out what works best for later.

Trying to find my way in this world of rehabilitation. Shout out for all the new PTs in the world. By new I mean practicing for less than 2 years.

Lets Get This Party Started......

Great cornerstone post for this group I think by Dr. Ben Fung, to get our mind churning and get some ideas flowing.
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