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Butterfly Boucher (a la +ButterflyBoucherVEVO)'s Happy Birthday Flutterby is out, today!!!  Woot!

Fluttery was Butterfly Boucher's debut album, originally released 10 years ago.  To commemorate this amazing album, Butterfly collaborated with several of her brilliant musician friends and together they completely re-recorded new interpretations of all the songs.

I just love it!!!

In her own words...from Butterfly Boucher:

"This whole project has been a community effort, from the musicians donating their time to all of the people who pledged to make this album possible, I am so unbelievably grateful and blown away by their friendship and generosity. It's been quite an emotional roller-coaster for me personally, re-visiting an album that burst out of my imagination 10 years ago, songs and lyrics that were written by a younger Me brought up unexpected feelings, some good, some difficult. It's been a journey but I'm so happy to finally release it.

Along with the release of the album also comes the release of four fantastic videos. Each video features a song with footage from the live recording, along with some great interviews and visual goodies. I will be releasing one of these videos every 2 weeks, check out Part 1 below. Feel free to share this video with friends, family & co-workers on Facebook (just follow the share options on youtube)."

Here is the first of the videos:

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