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Baking Wars
By Sophia AgSparkle

Chapter Two

Alice ran home as fast as she could holding on to the flier as tight as her hand could hold. The brownie boxes hit the side of her leg as she ran, she kept going although it hurt.
Once she got home, she logged onto the computer to sign up for the contest.
"What are you doing?" asked Alice's mom.
"Signing up for a baking contest!" There was a short pause. "You're ok with that, right?" Alice asked. Her mother nodded her head.
Alice moved the mouse around a few times to get the computer going, she then typed in the website the flier said. A bunch of ads came up.

Alice finished signing up. Her face had a big smile on it. Inside she was screaming with excitement. Alice soon got up abd danced around. Her wavy brown hair flew up and down as she jumped with excitement.

Baking Wars
By Sophia AgSparkle

Chapter One

Alice wiped the sweat off her face from the oven. She quickly grabbed the cupcakes out of the oven as the timer kept beeping.
"Ooh, are those for me?" asked Addy.
"No, they're for Aunt Meda," Alice replied. She rolled her eyes.
Addy was Alice's younger sister, she was always trying to steal Alice's baked goods. Alice went into the pantry and brought out the frosting she bought the night before.
Addy stared at the cupcakes as Alice used a butter knife to spread the frosting.

"That's $2.50 please," said the cashier. Alice handed her the money and took the bag. She peeked at the brownie mix that was inside the bag. She licked her lips.
A lady was putting up fliers around the city.
"Wanna be famous?" asked the lady.
"I'm ok," replied Alice. She took a peek at the flier the lady was waving in her face.

Baking Contest
Bake your best! Dec. 12, 2015 meet up
at the Town Mall with your best dish! Starts at 9:00am - 1:00pm. For ages 12 - 20

Alice took the flier and grinned.

Riding to Victory
Chapter 3, Part 1

     I spun Starburst around and followed the trail. They must have gone the opposite way of me or I would have seen them pass I thought as I searched. There were horse hoof prints in front of a bush. The bush looked as if a large animal ran through them. I started to follow the hoof prints.
     The trail had disappeared behind me and I lost track of the hoof prints. Now I was lost. I tried to go back the way I came, but I didn’t know what way I came. Well great, I thought to myself, I’ve gotten myself lost too.
     “Cassandra?” I spun around to see Samantha walk up to me on her horse. “I was trying to find you” She said, “I searched the whole trail!”
     “I was trying to find you! Where were you?” I asked.
     “Well, Bustin’ took off through the bushes and I almost fell. He jumped over a log then I spun him in circles. When I came back to find you, you were gone.” Samantha explained as we walked back to the trail.
     “I was gone because I was trying to find you.”   

The Diary

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH. I don't care about Jayden anymore. Why? You ask.. Why? Because I don't. yes. there is a reason. here:
Jayden told me he liked me.

A One-Way road:Chapter 1
Kia and I raced across the wheat fields,not stopping for anything.Not even obstacles.Our hearts were pumping hard,anticipation coursing through our veins when it happened.A huge jump came,and we picked up speed to try and make it.Long story short,we made it.That's the good news.The happily ever after.But that's not the end.When Kia landed,I felt myself coming off the saddle,but we were going to fast to fix it.I fell off,legs first.I couldn't feel my legs.That anticipation quickly turned to pain and fear as I cried out in pain."Kia...Kia come to Alera."I said.Kia walked towards me,and nuzzled me and whinnied.She neither loudly,and within a minute my mom was watching me being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.But that's in the past.What matters is the present.Nonetheless,that day still haunts me.But I focus on the Future instead of the past.My name is Alera Jacobs.I'm 13 years young,aand I'm an average girl,other than the fact that I'm paralyzed in both legs, and rock a wheelchair I call Flash.My wheelcair is the closest thing that I'll ever get again to riding Kia.Kia was my best friend,and still is to this day,although our relationship has changed since the incident.Kia was my beloved horse who I would ride every day,sometimes hours at a time.We were inseparable.Until the accident happened.

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Part of me:Chapter 1
"Mum.So I really have to do this?I can just quit,like you and dad did."I say.My mom sighs."Honey,we didn't quit.We went to counseling several times,but sometimes people who love each other can make each other and the people around them miserable."My mom says.I hop in the car,and we drive to the auditions, me not saying a word the whole ride.We finally get to the record label office,and I jump out,still not talking to my mother."Name."The lady in front asks."Via Noriega."I reply."This way."She says as she ushers me and my mom in."The room is first door on the left down that hallway."She says,pointing to a hallway.We walk down to the room.We walk inside,and there is this man with sunglasses."Well,hi must be that Via girl."The man says with a thick Italian accent in his voice.He asks my mom to step outside while I audition."Now,go into that recording booth,and put on the headphones,and just go with the music."He instructs.I walk into the booth,and do as he instructed.Then the music starts playing.

Okay new series!!! Based on wat I wrote in my diary with Different names

The Diary (Can you add a specific section for this story?)

Honestly, IDK wat's going on in my life... Normally I would write about happy things, but today is different. Today is a day where life struck. I realized something. I am growing up. And it's not fun. All I can think about is boys, drama & how I look. IDK if you knew but, I once had a crush on someone for 5 years. Now my record is 3 weeks... I remember a time in 5th grade, the "Popular Girl", Kathy, rated our popularity from 1-10. Kathy, of course, was 10, Kaitlyn (my friend) was 5-6, and I was a 2. A 2! How sad that made me feel. I was in AZ when that happened... Right now, I am in New York. Now, it's my goal to be popular... The guy I like (Jaguar) may/may not like me... I texted Cameron, I got an Instagram.... One day, I was walking the track with some friends, and the topic of the Christmas formal came up.. They said me & Cameron Would/Should be a couple and go together... I guess I agree with them. Idk.... Good news though! My pampering day is on the 23!!! So Excited!

Shanna's Diary
Chapter 1

11/16/15: Yay I got a diary! Ok, so I will have my first entry be a positive one. I jumped my horse Hershey over some cross country jumps! He usually freaks when I do stuff like that with him, but this time he only refused one jump! There was this wiered jump that was a plank of wood on two barrels with some white plastic flower pots under it. Hershey freaked out but I got him over it! One time when I did cross country with him He freaked out over a jump that was on top of a hill and he turned so quickly that he and I almost ended up rolling down the hill and not catering. Well, that's all that happened today. My mom wants me to go to bed now, I have school then gymnastics tomorrow, so I will write something about that. Night!

Riding to Victory
Chapter 2 Continued

     Samantha arrived at my house early the next morning. She lead Bustin’ Dust out of the trailer and tied him to the side of it. I walked out to greet her. Starburst was already tacked up and waiting for me in the round pen. ‘‘Hey’’ Samantha said as I walked to the trailer.
 “Hi” I replied. Samantha quickly started grooming and tacking up Bustin. I walked over to the round pen to get my horse. Starburst was calmly waiting for me. “Hey girl.’’ Starburst looked up at me and swished her tail. I grabbed her reins and led her to Samantha’s trailer.
     Soon, we were ready to go. We both lead our horses to the trail that was across the street. We lead them through the two wooden poles used to mark the beginning of the trail. I stopped Starburst and put my foot in the left stirrup-I pulled myself into the saddle and landed lightly on the horse’s back. I asked Starburst to walk, and calmly and obediently she started to pick up her hooves. We walked across the big meadow that the trail went through, we went up and down a hill, around some rocks. We came across a grazing dear. As it started to walk away, Starburst spooked. She stepped to the side then took off at the trot. I see-sawed her and calmly told her to walk. When she slowed down, I pated her neck. I then remembered that I was riding with Samantha. I looked back and saw nothing but an empty trail. I have lost Samantha and Bustin’ Dust!
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