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Its awesome week so you get to be awesome for being awesome!!! This party and have a dancing while romantic time for all who is awesome!!!! Oh ya

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"One day you will make a choice that won't have a positive outcome either way. I know this cause I've had to make that choice before."

Name: Cecil Entropy

Nickname: Sync

Gender: male

Age: 16

Birth: October 15, 1998

Family: Agiritha (sister), Agria (mother)

Species: Mink

Master: none

Apprentice: none

Emerald usage: Cecil has never interact with the emeralds nor has he felt the need to interact with them.

Orientation: Asexual

Bio: Cecil use and his sister used to be two normal children until at the age of 10, were accepted to be a part of the group of mercenaries, Knights of Entropy and later became one of the best ranked Pair in the entire and the Guildmasters personal guard. But then one day, the guildmaster was mysteriously assassinated and the guild slowly faded away, leaving the two siblings on their one to travel back to the village. But later in the journey, Cecil decides to travel the world to become stronger so he can be able to protect the people he cares about and the two went there separate ways.

Abilities: Cecil has the ability to control wind and is able to control the rate at which the wind blows.

Place of origin: a small village known as Lazarra

Theme: None.

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sees a planet and goes closer to it

Hmmmmm... Searchs the chocolate

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flies around with a chaos emerald

Sleep in my water room

Swims on the water planet

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Name:Fleetway Super Sonic
Gender: Male
Species:Demon-like Super Sonic
Likes:Chaos, Savage,Death,Destruction
Powers:Chaotic Based
Personality:Chaotic Evil,Flirty
Role:Threat to all

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Name: Laria the hedgehog

Age: 17 

Gender: female

Species: Merhog/Hedgehog

I'm a mermaid don't really lucky... 5 years after I was born, my family decided live on the surface of the ocean... But 3 days after, we was captured by Eggman... And He killed everyone...Except me... He decided to transformed me... in hedgehog... Why ? for the powerful powers of the mermaids... turn dark after my transformation, when I lose my control... It's said that the world can be destroyed just with a song... but same me don't really believe about that. I'm great and helpful... You can say all yours secrets to me....  

The powers: Hypnosis, powerful Dark aura... And a good water manipulation

Like: His love (Hayasuke), , swim, when we tickle her, sing,  and the CHOCOLATE
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