???:Run as fast as you can little hedgehog.We are catching up...

Speedy Adventure 2 coming early 2018

Zorgon: project S1 failed, project S2 failed, project S3 FAILED!
Zorgon: what the...
Ghost: ZORGON! we were working on a new project s and....
Zorgon: WHAT! A NEW ONE!!!
Ghost: yeah...and..we used a ghost insead of remained mask souls from the wall thing a while ago..we put the ghost in first and well...
???: whats up! your lab thing is pretty busted
Zorgon: now who are you
???: i dont know really.....swifty?

Speedy redline- early 2018

evreything is planned for time leapers 2! the game will come out shortly because all the levels, evrey boss (yes your eyes ae not playing tricks) and all the story! trust me, you will love this

i am glad to say that project omega will now be named: speedy renegade. a quick name change to not cause confusion :)

Today I am finally announcing that Speedy the hedgehog is not canon!The first canon game in my series is Speedy the hedgehog 2!

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The afterlife is an interesting concept...you can live a bad life and become a demon,or you can live a good life and become an angel.

And maybe if you are lucky enough,you can become the afterlife itself...a ghost

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First look at time leapers 2! And its weird playground elements that will make you spend way to long in a level

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was up guys, got some bad/good news. time leapers 2 co-op thing isnt working as planned. but you can still play with a friend but you will half to click to switch characters. is this fine or should i fix it?
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no its fine

zorgon: Raviators! is the omega serum ready!
Ghost: yes master just finished
Zorgon: put it in this syringe and hang it near the entrance, they will
be here quite soon, the signal from the serum will drive them here
Zorgon: finally after so long...project omega in is full force!
Zorgon: Oh here they come! hehe

Speedy project O.M.E.G.A - 2018

im the destroyer
i am the power
i am thr torment
i am the cancer
i am velocity
i am the horror
i am the finger
i am masquerade
-speedy doomsday 2018
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