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Hello there and welcome to SocialClan! A large community where you have the freedom to post almost ANYTHING Warrior Cats related! My name is Minty Senpai, the main Leader/Owner of SocialClan. We have five Deputies/Moderators here if you ever need help with anything! Don't forget that if there is a problem, don't be afraid to tell the Leader or one of our Deputies about it. We don't claw or bite!

~ Leader(s) and Deputies Of SocialClan ~

Leader/Founder ~ +Mιηту Sєηραι_​_​​

Deputy 1 ~

Deputy 2 ~

Deputy 3 ~

Deputy 4 ~

Deputy 5 ~

~ FAQ ~

Q: What can I post here?

A: Anything Warrior Cats related! You have the freedom to post anything like MAP's, AMV's, Other Warrior Cats Communities, Rants, your Fan-fiction, etc. Remember, no spam!

Q: Cool! Could I post someone else's art?

A: If only you credit them and claiming that it isn't your art.

Q: I see/saw someone doing something against the rules, what should I do?

A: Just tag the Leader or one of our Deputies as soon as possible so we could resolve the problem. I will check over the SocialClan multiple times daily so no one can really get away with anything in this community.

Q: What is a Deputy?

A: 'Deputy' is a term we use to name our Moderators, its not Deputy you know from the books.

Q: Could I be a Deputy?

A: As said in the rules, you are not allowed to ask me if you can be a Deputy. You must follow all the rules and gain my trust in order to be a Deputy.

Q: Is there anything exciting that happens here that the Leader hosts or is it just a normal community?

A: The Deputies and I have talks about events that we plan to host in the future like Art Contest's, seasonal events, etc. We will make sure you have the best time in SocialClan!

Have any more questions? Don't be afraid to ask! We love to hear from our SocialClan clanmates!

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Rp community, please join to help it grow

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You'll only understand if you're a Aphmau fan.
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Then there's my Warriors ship, ShootingStar"TC/Female" x VineStar"RC/Male"

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Russetstar's Worry

(This ties in with my other story; Badgerstorm and Slashclaw: Find The Forest)

(News: after Stormstar (Shreddedear) retired to elder after a border skirmish with a fox; Beestorm (star ; also Mine's mate and the father of Badgerstorm and Slashclaw) became leader and elected Streamdrink as his deputy. More to come soon.)



Leader: (Beekit/Paw/Storm) Beestar
Deputy: Streamdrink
Medicine Cat: Shinyfrost
Apprentice: CinderPaw (leaf)

Owlfrost (Bearroar)
Crystalrose (Crystalstar)
Mosspatch (Lichenmask)
Swiftclaw (Stitchclaw)






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S~Stop cutting onions!

MAP By: Nifty-Senpai (YT)

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Which cat's death do you think as saddest?
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=FenrirStar's Powers=
Chapter 2

It has been a phew days since the meeting with the strange Cats. It didn't look like Diamond knew that NightWhisker was meeting with the cats but, he knew them very good. NightWhisker padded up to me. "Hey Fenrir". He mewed. "About those Cats a phew days ago. Can we Talk about it tomorow?" I nodded while NightWhisker grabbed me. "Its Time for your nap little one" I yawner and felt asleep immedeately. I noticed a strange scent in my Sleep. I opened one eye and saw that I wasn't in my Safe nest with my Brother, Sister, Diamond and NightWhisker. "Where am i?" I murmered. "Finally you're awake" I looked up. "W...Who are you and why am I here?" The unknown Cat laid her tail on my shoulder "Hush little one. I am here to guide you." I looked questioningly at her. "Fenrir a great Destiny awaits you" the she-cat started to disapear. "wait" I meowed but it was Too late. The Cat was already gone.

I sniffed the Air. I disguisting smell woke me up. All I saw was a Orange wave. "It's rating everything." I thought shocked. I pressed my nose against my mother's fur "Mum!" I squaked. "Wake up" i mewed while i tried to Wake my Brother Sister and Father, but no-one woke up. I was in panic. I looked around the fire comming closer to me. "Is anyone in here?" I looked at the direction where the Sound came from. "Yes I'm here" I mewed in panic. Suddenly a Flash of Grey fur jumped out through the fire. "We'll get you got you out of here." I looked at NightWhisker, Diamond, Ruby and Phoenix. My eyes filt with terror "Don't worry." The grey Cat mewed while two other Cats jumped through the fire and dashed towards my Family. The Cats pressed their nose into my Family 's fur, looked at each other and their Heads with sorrow. I started to cough. "We have to get her out of here". The grey furred cat nodded, grabbed me. The other Cats Followed when we jumped through the fire. I felt the Heat of the flames burning on my pads. I squaked Once i saw my fur, which was burned with some Red Sparks.

As soon as escaped the burning House i coughed again. "We need to get to the stream." The other Cats nodded in agreement. "But what about my Family?" I protested, the other Cats looked at each other. "We'll explain as soon as you're calmed down". He grabbed me again and dashed into the forest. "where are you taking me?" I didn't got any answer. "How can the not get lost in this forest and where are the..." "You need to jump into this stream." A mew broke into my thoughts. "There are burning patches on your fur." I placed on paw on the water. Ït feels so Cold" I thought. "Just jump!" One of the cats ordered. I did as I was told and jumped in the Stream. "It's so cold" I complained. "We'll warm you up in our camp." I looked questioningly at the three cats. "Camp?" I thought

"What is al this!?"A snowwhite cat stood in front of me and the three cats. "It's around'moonhigh abd you three sneak out of the camp to enter some twoleg's nest!? I could see the anger in the cats eyes. She was not amused about this, but these cats were only helping me and my family. "What happened to my fa.." "And what is this?" The white she-cat hissed. I looked at her. "She will sleep with you Spotheart, and for all of you, we talk about this tomorow at sunhigh!" All cats nodded and spotheart waved his tail as a sign to him. The other cats followd exept for the white she-cat. She walked into her own den. I looked at the tom while he laid himself down in his next. I laid next too him. The tom looked at me and wrapped his tail around me. It was hard for me to fall asleep

In the morning e felt a phew pokes. "Wake up kit." The tom mew. I yawned. "What time is it?." "It's almost sunhigh. I looked around. there where more nests then I imaged last night and the cat looked exactly like one of the cats I met with Nightwhisker "Come"he mewed while he flicked his ear. He led me to a group of cats sitting in front of a high rock, one of them was the white she-cat. I noticed that other cats in the camp were looking at me. "Why is everyone looking at me?" but Spotheart didn't answer.

"I hope you know why I called you here."the cats looked at each other and then at me. I felt hot under my fur. "Yes, because of her..." Spotheart met Whitestar's gaze."And what makes you think that you can leave the camp for a twolegs nest and steal one of their kits?!" One of the cats, a she-cat opened her mouth but Whitestar raised her tail."One traitor is enough"Whitestar snapped at last. "Nightwhisker is not a traitor he is a friend!" The white she-cat protested. "Snowflight, this was the last thing I expected from you" Snowflight Flinched at the words from Whitestar.
"Whitestar" Spotheart spoke, "Maybe Nightwhisker is a Traitor for you but, kittypet or us he is still a friend" ''and talking about 'stealing.'" Whitestar met the speaking cat's, who was named Coppermist, gaze "We went to Nightwhisker's nest and saw it was on fire.."' Whitestar sheated her claws and dug them in the soft ground. "It's not our problem!" Snowflight wrapped her tail around me. "So you would let these cats die?" "It are twolegs they will find another nest." "I am Not Talking about the nest. I am talking about the helpless cats who died!" I looked shocked at Spotheart and Whitestar, while tears where growing in my eyes. Both cats stayed silent. "I'm... My family... is dead..." I dashed off "i'll go after her" Snowflight mewed while she darted off. Spotheart stood up and padded off but before he left he met Whitestar's gaze. "She was a helpless kit Whitestar... We only followed our code." Coppermist stood next to Spotheart. "You Always wanted to prove yourself... Well, now is your chance. prove yourself and give this kit a chance." Both cats padded off. Whitestar looked at her paws. The she-cat sighed and jumped oon the High rock. "Let all the cats, young and old, join here under the Lightrock for a clan meeting"
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