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Allen was running, glancing back every now and again as he tried to lose them. Who is them? They are a pack of zombies he had the misfortune of running into when he was our looking for supplies. The world had ended a year ago, or should he say, the dead started to rise again. He was one of the few omega males alive, and currently pregnant. It was something he wanted to happen, not yet anyway. But a group of alphas found him and... abuses him. Now he was on the run not only from them but zombies that found him.

He looked forward just in time to gasp, trying to stop but ended up tripping over a fallen light poll and rolled down a hill. He faintly remembered feeling pain in his head, but he didn’t know what he hit as the world went black.

((small rules grammar doesn’t have to be perfect, pronouns and say you’re characters name, like I do above. More then one sentence responses, NO EMOJIS please. Want a pvp? Ask! want to RP but someone is already here, ask! ))

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About: Scaled Birds + Buddies.

It is a mystical creature RP. It has a large range of characters and regions you can chose to RP and live in!

You can be a dragon, fairy, Phoenix, and many more other kinds, humans are also allowed.

R18 is allowed, though only on 1v1 rps where I can make it so only you and your RP partner can see it (minus mods)

Mpreg, eggs, live birth, anything is allowed as long as your RP partner is okay with it!

Fighting is okay as long as it's agreed and not one sided!

You can suggest ideas, ask for rps or put up an RP idea and see if anyone bites, suggest a creature!

Discord itself as an app or a browser app (I'm not sure what to call it? You download it for your computer. It's sorta like steam where it is it's own window.) You can have privately messages outside of a server, make your own server if you and someone want to have more then one RP together mute a server and more. You can have a nickname in your server and rolls, rolls let people do curtain things or prevent someone from doing things. Also rolls gives a name color!

It's a fun app, I chose it over this for many reasons. But here are some screen shots of the app. My name and number (both are needed to find me) are at the bottom right of the pictures. So feel free to message me here or on there! It's free!
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Just an open roleplay if you would like to give it a try.
(Nyo!Canada x Returning!Injured!Soldier! Country!)

(Roleplayer’s rules/notes)

(( - WARNING! This roleplay will involve the soldier returning home showing signs of PTSD (or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder).
-The roleplay may get really dark or depressing at times.
-This roleplay will involve cursing at times.
-This roleplay may include smut. They will not be mentioned in the starter, but it may occur in the roleplay, privately, not on the community sites.
-I would highly recommend that you are to read up on PTSD. I would really encourage it because it helps both of us in the long run. Even if you know what it is, I recommend giving it a read. You, as the partner, will control the events, of when you start to act up. For example, when your character is at a party and someone shoots off a firecracker, you may want your character to get down on the ground and cover. You can even talk to me (or pm me on Discord) before we begin to discuss some symptoms about your character
-This roleplay will involve smut later on if you are comfortable with it.
-I don’t care if you choose any 1p or 2p character. Although, I would LOVE to do this with a 2p Canada rper! But if I don’t, then that is fine too, again I don’t mind it!
-No O.C.’s/ original characters will be allowed.
-Due to the time period that it is in 1970’s, I’m very sorry to say that this will require a MALE character, not a female character. During that time only males were drafted into the war.
-Depending on the character, I will not be stating the mother, father, or sibling’s names for whom I’m roleplaying with!

-Please ask if you would like to roleplay this! I will send you a pm too! Or tag you in a PV. Tell me what character you would like to roleplay when you ask to please!
-I would prefer if you have decent grammar.
- I would like responses to be three lines/sentences or more (per character if there are more in the room).
-Anything under that for a while, I will drop the roleplay through notice.
-I will only allow anything under if you aren’t feeling well for the time being with a notice.

-If there are two or more people in the room, besides our characters. It just helps me to not stress out over characters and make me exhausted.
- Please try to think of this as a story. I allow twists and turns in the roleplay. If you want to ask me about something, go on ahead.
- If I tag you or like something (or even mention you privately in Discord), then I’m just making sure that you haven’t lost the roleplay.
-I will let you know if or when I’m not feeling well or I’m really busy due to vacation, classes, midterms, or finals!
-I do not mind time skips! I will ask if you would like to do a “timeskip” and I hope you do the same for me!

Now without further ado! I will finally get on with the starter! ))

It was spring in 1965 where, _____, was close to graduating from your senior year in a Private Academy. Everyone in the high school was either talking about the war (advocate or peace protesters), but the most thing that you were concerned about, was Prom. That time when every couple would go out and ask each other in the most romantic way, or where singles would gather around with friends and dance the night away. Lucky for _____ that wasn’t the case. The only thing that came to his mind was, how would he ask his girlfriend, Madeline Williams Kirkland-Bonnefoy, to Prom

It was really an odd, but cute coincidence how _______ and Madeline met.It was just a casual day at the local diner, where ________ and his family were having breakfast, until Madeline and a couple of her friends walked in with book bags. When ______ looked up, it was love at first sight. When she glanced at you, time began to slow down. He saw her long, wavy, copper blonde hair up in a ponytail with a red hair-tye covered up by a small, white bow. She wore a white polo shirt that came up to her sides, and a red plaid skirt with hints of green, pastel yellow, and maroon that went down to her knees. Her socks went up to her knees and she was wearing cute Mary Jane shoes. She wore round, cream colored framed, clear lens, glasses that fitted her heart face shape just right. She had nice curves as well, that fit with her slightly chubby body, even though she was labeled skinny. Her light fair skin kissing the natural light. Her smile bright and white, but it wasn’t any of those that didn’t compare to her eyes. Her eyes were filled with wonder and mystery. The color of her irises was a deep purple, that had little sun rays of either a lighter purple or a darker purple

Suddenly, time flowed once again to a sound of something falling to the ground. _______ quickly shook his head, noticing that Madeline was on the ground, her books scattered slightly on the floor. He immediately got up from his seat and began to collect the books. He asked if she was alright as she was fixing her glasses. When Madeline adjusted her glasses and looked up at _______, a blush began to grow on her face as she answered that she was fine and thanked him for helping her up

After when you talked for not only five minutes, it was time for his family to go back home. Madeline said that she would hope to see him again tomorrow at school. He nodded, looked back at her, seeing her sit at the booth with her friends. Soon, it was Monday and it was the beginning of _____ freshman year of high school.

During that half day, ______ looked at your schedule and tried to homeroom. When ____ entered the room, the first person that he saw was Madeline, sitting at the front of the class. She would occasionally look up from time to time until she saw him. She smiled softly and asked him if he would like to sit next to her. ________ grinned and walked over to the edge of the classroom, taking the seat behind her. _______ talked to her throughout the rest of the morning and was elated that he had a few classes with Madeline. At the end of the day, Madeline and ________ became friends for the rest of their first year

It wasn’t until later, that _________ confessed their feelings of love to Madeline at the county fair. The both of them were on the Ferris wheel, having some popcorn that the both bought to share. It was at the top of the Ferris wheel where _________ told Madeline how he felt about her. After when he confessed, he asked if she wanted to go steady with him. This made Madeline’s eyes widen with surprise, she always thought that she would be single. She smiled, tears filling her eyes as she accepted his request. They hugged each other, happy that they had the same feelings for each other. Then at the right moment, both of them closed their eyes and had their first kiss while fire works lit up the night sky

That was only three years ago, and _________ was happy to have a gal like Madeline. She was sweet, beautiful, funny, charming, calm, hardworking, quiet, and shy. Her smile was bright and would make __________’s day better. She was also kinda on the small side and him on the taller side, which would make movie nights even better, especially for cuddling. Madeline was a virgin too, and she has never had another man in her life, besides __________. She was a good girl and she explained that she would never have sex until she was married to the man that she loves

She was perfect in __________’s eyes. He swore that he would be by her side every day and would cherish her for the rest of his life. That is until something in the mail arrived on a Saturday morning in April of 1985

It was a week before prom and _________ had figured out how he would ask Madeline to prom the night before. He was going to take Madeline out for a nice date at the drive-in theater to watch a movie that she has been dying to see. It was a romantic comedy about a soldier returning home, from WWII, and living a happy life with his girl. He would have the top down so that Madeline would look at the stars from time to time. After when the movie was over, he would turn to her and ask if she would like to go to prom with him

The moment he woke up, he heard someone in particular sobbing. He groaned as he walked down the stairs and scratched the back of his head. He turned over to the kitchen and saw his mother, sobbing into her hands, while his father was comforting his mother. __________ asked what was wrong, making his parent’s heads turn to him. _________’s father had stated that he has been drafted into the army for combat and that he would leave the first week of May. His mother wept again, hearing that her baby boy has been drafted into the Vietnam War

It took time for __________ to process this information and took a seat right next to his parents, in utter disbelief. He was confused, enraged, and bewildered that he was drafted into the Army. Then a thought became upon his mind, how was he going to break this too, Madeline. His heart sank as he thought of never returning home to her, or worse. He began to tear up and sobbed that morning.

That day, he began to think, and think of how he would break this to her. He didn’t want to break Madeline’s heart, for they were deeply infatuated with each other. That is when he had a moment, he wanted to something to her on the same night he was going to ask Madeline for Prom, but first, he had to get permission. He walked over to the phone and began to dial for Madeline’s phone number. When he heard the operator on the other side of the phone, he immediately asked for the Arthur Kirkland household. It didn’t take long before the man of the house, Arthur himself, was on the other line. __________ told him who he was when and asked him if Madeline was going to be busy and out of the house today. Arthur answered yes and asked why, a little suspicious of what was going on. ____________ asked if they could meet up at the, along with his wife, Marianne Kirkland-Bonnefoy for lunch at their place. Arthur agreed and told him to come by at one o’clock for lunch

It was a few hours later when _______ arrived at the front door, with the letter in his hand. Marianne was the one to open the door and let him inside the small home. He entered into the kitchen/dining room, shaking Arthur’s hand and taking a seat. Marianne prepared a picture of lemonade earlier, and served it to the men, getting a glass for herself as well. Arthur asked why he had to come here today, still a little confused. That is when ________ sighed heavily, explaining to Madeleine's parents that he has been drafted into the war and will be on his way to boot camp on the first Saturday of May. Arthur and Marianne were both shocked to hear the awful news, they apologized. That is when ______ asked them a very serious question. He wanted to ask Madeline’s blessing and permission for a promise ring. He explained that it would be a reminder to Madeline and to himself, of their love, and if he were to ever make it back alive, he would like to marry their daughter once he earned enough money for an engagement ring. He wanted to propose to Madeline properly, but the promise ring would do for now.

Arthur and Marianne’s eyes widen, looking at each other. The couple in front of him got up and excused themselves from taking a moment to discuss their daughter's hand. It was probably one of the longest ten minutes of _________’s life for the couple to come back. They sat down in front of him, smiling softly, they both gave their permission and blessing for ______ to give her a promise ring. _________ looked up at them, smiling, there were tears in his eyes as he got up, giving the couple a hug. He thanked them and promised that he wouldn’t let their little girl down and that he would return home safely

He left the house that day, giddy as he wanted the week to pass by. He made sure that Madeline was cherished each day, giving her the love and attention that she deserved before he dropped the news. In the middle of the school week, he dropped by the jeweler and asked if he could buy two gold bands, a female one and one for himself. He explained to the man at the desk that he wanted to “propose” to his girl with a promise ring before he left for boot camp. The man nodded and found two beautiful rings. One was a thin, metal band with one small diamond the top; While the other was a thick, wide, gold band that contained nothing and gave it to him for a cheap price

Soon the weekend came by and because of those cheap rings, plans had to change. Instead _________ and Madeline’s family came up with the idea of having a get-together. They would have a backyard picnic in _________’s backyard, where they would have good food and _________ would explain everything. Madeline and _________ were excited for tonight

The night went smoothly as it progressed, soon the Families went on the porch, besides Madeline and _______. He looked down at her with sad eyes, making Madeline a feel a little uneasy. He sighed heavily and not too long, he explained everything, including the letter. At first, Madeline was baffled and began to refuse the fact that her boyfriend has been drafted into the war. Tears flooded her face, shaking her head no as she cried into his chest. She begins to become hysterical, suggesting that they could run away together and move. _________ shook his head no and told her that wouldn’t be a good idea, and that if he were to do that, he could go to jail

He brought Madeline’s head up, looking at her with calming (e/c) eyes. He slowly got down on one knee and explained to her that it wasn’t all that he wanted to tell her. He rummaged through his pocket, pulling out a small box. He opened it and asked her if she were to promise to be faithful to him until he gets back, and told her that he had one too. Madeline looked down at her boyfriend’s gesture and then the ring. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks as she nodded, smiling softly. _______ slipped on the ring with a smile of joy. He brought her close afterward, bringing Madeline in for a sweet and tender kiss

Soon weeks turned into days as _________ studied hard for his finals. He wanted to make sure that he had his diploma before he was sent off. When he got the test scores back, he passed all of them with flying colors. He had a special ceremony in his backyard, his principal handing his diploma to him. There was a small party afterward. The next day was prom and Madeline looked beautiful when _______ went to pick her up

Her copper blonde hair was up in a beautiful and elegant bun. She wore a light pink halter top, which was slimming, showing off her curves a little. Her makeup looked natural as ______ noticed her features. They had time to take some pictures before the big night started. Prom was the best night in the couple’s night. They had a delicious meal and danced to some of the most popular songs. __________ ended up staying at Madeline’s house, to watch a movie, and cuddle

They were in each other’s company for the rest of his time spent. His clothes were already packed and putting in a duffle bag that was sent to his house. ________ and Madeline exchanged some personal belongings that would help them through the separation. Madeline gave her boyfriend a stuffed white bear and a locket, containing a picture of them, and a picture of her. While _______ gave her his favorite (article of clothing) and told her that he would write to her once he was out of boot camp. He would try and make an attempt to write to her every single month. Madeline nodded and made that promise too

Soon the day arrived, ________ returned home to put on his uniform and carry his duffle bag to the airport. Madeline, her parents and his parents drove to the airport, where new recruits met. Madeline wore her hair up into a high ponytail, wearing a peach skirt to her knees, and a cream short sleeved top. Tears welled up in her eyes as _____ was at the entrance to the loading dock. At first, ______ hugged and kissed his parent's goodbye, telling that it’ll be alright and that he would write every month to them. Then he stepped in front of Madeline's parents, shaking Arthur’s hand and giving Marianne a hug

When he stopped in front of Madeline, he looked down, laying a gentle hand on her cheek. He wiped her tears away, he hated to see her cry. He smiled gently, promising that he will come back home soon and that they would live a happy life from now on. Madeline smiled, taking his hand with her small and delicate one. She looked up, trying to smile, promising him that she would wear the same thing, once he came back home. ________ chuckled softly, giving her a deep, long, gentle kiss. They both parted from the kiss, whispering ‘I love you’ softly, giving each other one last peck before _______ was ordered to hurry up

With that final kiss goodbye, he picked up his duffle bag, got in formation, and proceeded into the terminal with tears rolling down his cheek

Time skip to 1971, Six years later

________ is now a Sergeant in the 1556 regiment. He still had to follow orders from officers, but it was a lot better than being a Private, even though he is still being treated like a dog. During _________ ’s time as a private, he has seen bloodshed the moment he was shipped off to Vietnam to serve in 1556. He saw destruction at every corner and didn’t even think of letting his guard down once. He saw bombs being dropped by American planes that would explode, spreading everywhere and would keep burning until everything was destroyed. He saw innocent Vietnam families getting either maimed by their own soldiers or by himself

When he was only private out on his fifth battle, he saw his own best friend moving towards him, not listening to his commander. From behind, three bullets went right through his torso. He looked down at _______, blood running down from his mouth as he laid on the ground. _______ crawled towards him and bringing his dying friend up to a more comfortable position. He looked down, seeing his best friend trying to speak to say his final words. Tears were spilling out of _______’s eyes, trying to tell his best friend that he would be okay and that there would be a medic on the way. His best friend looked up to him, smiling softly, as he coughed up more blood on his best friend and uniform. _________’s best friend’s dying wish was to visit his grave if he ever makes it home and to tell Madeline that she would’ve been a delight to meet. The moment his eyes went a dark and his pupils dilated, ______ shook him, trying to tell his friend to wake up. He became a sobbing mess and felt pure rage as the enemy marched towards him, trying to capture him. He quickly pulled out his rifle and shot five of the enemies either in the chest, stomach, or thigh region, giving him just enough time to pick up his best friend’s lifeless body, and return back to the regiment

He also saw many people, whether it was his friends in rank, Privates, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Corporals, the enemy, or villagers die in horrible ways. Things began to become numb every time he passed those things by. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even look at the ground or the streets, he would just follow orders, having no personality in him. His friends took the toll on him that died right in front of his eyes

He would hate the color of military green or that of the jungle. He suffered hot, miserable, muggy, tropical summer heat with no way to relieve one’s thirst. The winters were not as bad, but the nights were really cold in the winter, causing soldiers to get sicker faster. The only thing that he could look forward to was getting a letter or care package from his girlfriend and/or parents, or to be sent home in one piece

Sometimes ________ would just lie awake at night, not being able to sleep, for he was worried about his own survival. The only thing that would help him sleep would be a very dirty polar bear, letters from his girlfriend that still had her perfume on them, the locket that he keeps in his pocket, or letter from back home about his mother, father, or younger sibling(s). Either his commanding officer yelling at him to get up or ambushes that involved guns woke him up immediately, ready for battle

On a very hot day in July, ________ and some of the privates had to visit another regiment to transport soldiers. He had a Lieutenant, two staff sergeants, and five private’s to transport over to the 1587th regime. It would be a two-day trip and they would be all equipped with the essentials to get there and back. _________ would be in the front seat of the cargo jeep with a Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant, and the other Staff Sergeant, while the privates were in the stuck in the back, that was shaded, but still very hot

It was the second day and the lot was almost to the 1587th. It was a cool and calm morning, but something felt off to __________. They were about 2.5 miles from the camp until time suddenly began to slow down. _________ was in the back with the rest of the privates, telling them stories about boot camp, until when he turned around a ball of fire and shrapnel started to fly past him. He immediately commanded the Privates to get out of the car, running out of the back and leaped out of the truck. He looked behind him, seeing that two of the Privates were already shot in the head by shrapnel

_________ felt a sharp pain as he hit the dirt path underneath him. It was painful for him to sit up, feeling something dangling on his body. His vision was blurry as he slowly sat up. He looked up seeing that the Jeep was on fire, and there was nothing but crimson pools and limbs from the other ranks. There was a high pitched ringing in his ears as he slowly looked down, feeling something wet beneath his legs. He opened his mouth, letting out a scream that he couldn’t hear as he saw his right leg just hanging by severed tissue from the knee down. The bone was completely severed as well He looked at his other leg, seeing that it had many pieces of shrapnel in it, he looked down at his whole body, seeing small metal pieces that were covered in his blood

__________ felt like he could pass out, seeing the state that he was in. He fell to the ground, his body slightly laying on his side. His vision grew darker and darker, but a soft glow of headlights was the last thing he saw before he passed out cold

A few days later, ________ slowly began to open his eyes, noticing that he was in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or MASH unit. He groaned softly as the bright light hit his eyes and he began to hear someone calling a doctor. He looked around and saw a nurse and a doctor, rushing over to his bedside. Once _________ told was fully aware and conscious, the doctor began to explain everything that happened to him

Apparently, the person who was driving wasn’t watching where he was going and ran over an active mine that was placed by the enemy. The Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and two privates that were with _______ had passed. The four other privates managed to get out alive, but with some lost limbs too. While __________ was passed out, doctors operated on him and luckily nothing got in his intestines. Then the doctors face sagged a little as he pulled off the cover, revealing that ___________ had a little bandage where his knee was, with nothing else attached to it. The doctor apologized and explained that the wound was so severe that they couldn’t save his leg

________ looked down at the nub and just stared at it, having a horrified look on his face as he frowned. How was he going to explain this to his family? How was he going to explain this to beloved Madeline? That is when the doctor smiled a little, placing a hand on him. The doctor said that he should look at the bright side, that he would never have to return here again, and that he was going back home

He looked up at the doctor again, baffled by what he said, __________ asked the doctor to repeat himself. The doctor smiled, patting his shoulder again, telling him that he should write to everyone that he knows that he is coming home. This would make ___________ feel something on the inside for the first time in six years. A smile crept on his face and tears welled up in the corner of his eyes. He was finally going home. That night, he wrote to his family and Madeline about what happened, but that he was finally coming home from the horror show

It wasn’t long before _______ was shipped out to the base and needed at least a month to recover from his wounds. The doctors at the base fixed him up with a prosthetic leg that would run down from the bottom portion of his knee. It took him a few weeks to get the hang of it, but he was able to walk with a cane. His stuff was sent from his unit, he also got a new uniform to wear for when he returned home. He called his parents that he would be at the airport around 0500 hours (5:00 am) next week and to tell Madeline as well
A week didn’t take so long as _______ had to take two steps back to make it back home. It was around 0450 (4:50 a.m.) where _________’s flight had landed. He was one of the last ones to get off the plane and walked into the place. He saw many families holding up signs and men hugging their families. He looked to his right slightly, hearing his name being called out by his parents. He pushed through the crowds hearing his parent’s getting closer and closer until they were standing in an open area

There was nothing but silence, but the sound of a duffle bag dropping to the floor and footsteps. ________’s mother was the first one to start crying and hugged him. His father was next to hug him, letting a few tears escape, and saluting him. Then it was Madeline’s parents hugging him and shaking his hand. He looked down, asking where Madeline was

“I’m right here, _________ .” a very familiar voice rung in the airport. ________ looked up from his both of the parties groups and looked in awe. It was her, your girlfriend, Madeline wearing the same outfit six years ago. Madeline ran up to ________, jumping into his arms, and wrapping her arms around his neck.

(They are cell mates in this. Also, Alfie tops.)
- Important: Please ... ask me FIRST before you reshare this RP with anyone else.
- Smut and/or dark themes are welcome, just consider the other RP-er.
- Extents can be answered in pp's.
- Please ask for a pp in case someone else wants to RP.
- Starters are welcome in the pp after we go over the above.
- Please try to have at least two lines of sentences.
- Spelling and grammar are very much appreciated.

"Looks like we're cell mates from now on, huh.", the blonde muttered as the rather shy looking brunette entered his cell. Alfred had been here for a good bit, near three years now and knew how things went around here. And he could tell from the sound of it what the other inmates thought of his new cellmate.

He watched him glance up at him, then shuffle over and vanish as he sat on the bottom bunk. Well, he couldn't blame him for acting skittish and shy around here. A lot of the other inmates were just huge jerks to each other. If this new kid was going to last in here, he'd have to look out for him.

((small rules grammar doesn't have to be perfect, pronouns and say you're characters name, like I do above. More then one sentence responses, NO EMOJIS please. Want a pvp? Ask! want to RP but someone is already here, ask! ))

The soft sounds of plates clattering and people chatting could be heard in the small café. The café was new and fresh, bringing new flavors and jobs to the small city it set up in. People flocked to the small café, buying drinks and getting take out for the road or for work. The people who worked there where happy and smiling, always treating everyone with smiling faces and happy attitudes which made it even more popular.

Today was Allen’s first day at work at the café. The shy nineteen-year-old stayed in the back, looking out at the floor nervously. One of the other employees came up and patted him on the back and told him he’d do fine. It took a while longer for Allen to get his nerve and go out to his first table which Y/N just happened to be sitting at. He slowly pulled out his booklet, almost dropping it, before he flipped to a clean page and cleared his throat nervously before he looked at the M/F
“W-what would you like to drink Sir/Ma’am?”
He stuttered softly, mentally swearing for it but kept his eyes on the person in front of him, wanting to do a good job since this was his first one. He couldn’t screw up on his first day just cause he was nervous and shy!

Nikolai was having a rough day for a young well, ... omega. Not many would have guessed it due to his size, but he was one nonetheless. He'd completely blanked on remembering when his next heat would start, which also meant he'd forgotten to take his heat suppressants, and was run out of the school by hormone crazed alphas. The twenty year old ran as far as the halfway mark, which for him would be the treeline at the end of the park before his legs finally gave out from running so much.

He panted as he leaned back against a tree, catching his breath after running so far, so fast. He didn't think going home would be the best idea right now. He'd just get another scar for his "idiocy". He never really had the best relationship (if one could even call it that), with his father. After all, he was the one to leave him scarred, time and time again.

He caught his breath again, but then started as he heard footsteps coming his way. He couldn't run anymore, let alone get up. He'd used up all the strength in his legs to run from the hormone driven classmates of his. He cursed under his breath, hoping they wouldn't find him. He didn't want to be found by an alpha, but by the smell of it, today just really wasn't his day. They not only saw him, but came right up to him, too.

His mark was burning, almost like it did when he felt like he had to run. But this time he felt like it was calmer, like a light buzz. He still wanted to run, but not as much as before. His mother once said, "Once you listen to it, you will never regret it." Perhaps she was right about this ....

- decent grammar and spelling
- minimum of one - two lines
- some dark themes are welcome, depending

If anyone has a discord and want to rp, let me know! I'm Allen James#4229. :3))

Mistress!1pNyoCanada x King!Country))

This could either be 1p or 2p! Just ask in comments if you would like to roleplay and I'll reshare it! I always like to keep the original clean, Just in case if anybody else would.))

Please try to make your lines either two or more! And be descriptive! I think roleplaying is like writing a story! So make it interesting! If you feel uncomfortable with a situation, we can skip it, and/or change the scene if you would like. Action must be in bold! I don't mind if you use italicize or "quotes" for speaking or just in general, but the bold helps me distinguish whether the person is speaking or doing something. If I don't use that, it is either that my computer or phone messed up. So anyway let the roleplay begin.))

_ ruled the Kingdom Of Belir and it was a beautiful kingdom. The people wore the finest of clothes, including the peasants. The streets were made of cobblestone that was placed neatly on every corner and path. The streets were lined with Midnight flowers that would bloom every night

The town was quite populated and the people were always glad that they lived in this town, but they still had their struggles. So far there were rumors that the kingdom is thinking about going to war with the neighboring kingdom, Allège Sang. This didn't worry the kingdom this much, and the town below continued on their merry way

It was inside the walls that counted. The soldiers were training every single day, including the knaves. This was ordered by King __ and your wife, Queen Alice. She was very strict, but she seemed distant with you. She only focused how the kingdom was run and making sure that their townspeople were happy. Although, she had to appoint taxes and important factors onto you

Even though you held the most power, you felt the most miserable. Whenever you tried to peak Alice's interest, nothing worked. You tried getting into the politics of the kingdom, you tried to read more of Alice's books, you even tried cooking for her. Everything failed and this left you miserable

One day, the kingdom was taking in new maids and one of the new one's was sent to clean your room. You were tired that day and wanted to take a nap. You opened the door and saw this new maid

She had her long blonde hair pulled back into a bun, with a stray curl that stuck out of her head and her bangs swept to the side. Her bust wasn't big, nor it was it small. She wore what the maids would usually wear. A cream shoulderless (if they were single) cloth top, a long light blue skirt that went down to her ankles, brown shoes, and a dark brown apron, with patches on it

When she heard the door open, she stopped sweeping, turning around. Her eyes revealed a mellow and deep purple iris. Her warm, but pale skin glowing in the sunlight. Her face grew a shade of red as she bowed in front of _ "Y-Your Highness! M-My name is Madeline Williams! I a-am a new maid here at the castle! I-I-I-I was given the task to clean your room and change the bedding! I've already made your bed, but I'm almost done cleaning your room. W-Would you like for me to stop, if you're going to occupy the room?" she asked, embarrassed that she didn't the task of cleaning the room, and admitting it in front of you 

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