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What's your godtier? I'd be a Sylph of Space.

Thanks to Homestuck, I've become a, so-called, Zodiac maniac... I ask everyone what their Zodiac sign is and when they replay I either say who their Zodiac troll is clearly or just whisper it to myself... For example;
Me: Hey
Person: Hi
Me: ... What's your zodiac sign?
P: What? Um... Aries...
Me: Oh... So you have Aradia... Oki thanks
P: What....

Thanks Hussie...

By the way;



There is supposed to be a panel at Indiana Comic Con and we need people! It doesn't matter who you do! If you're interested post your cosplay on here and tag me in it. I will let you know if you're in it.

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where I'm at at the moment

Theres a HomeStuck Meeting in Halifax on Sunday.
Whos going? And should I or should I not go?

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