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Ok, sorry for being gone so long! We are starting the games over now! Every tribute so far gets to participate! Voting begins December 9th. Ailcorns will be converted to Pegasi or Unicorns! Here are our tributes:

+Thebird 44282 (Death)
+Liz Larsen (Shadow Moon)
+Sunnyrays 24 (Heather Leaf)
+Frankie the animatronic pegasus (Violet Scent)
+Sarcastic noodle (Lava Rocks)
+мαуυ (Golden Rose)
+Alexa Miller (Silver Rose)
+Fruity Splash Offical (Paint Bubble)
+Flowerlily Sundrops (Flowerlily Sundrops)
+The Puppiliete (Jeswe Gaming)
+Diamond Heart™ (Diamond Heart)
 +Yui And Mugi (Purple Star)
+Crafty Kid™ (Ronu Run)
+***** (Rainbow O' Neil)
+Aki the Divergent (Sugar Fate)
+Future Trunks (Roy Corporal Mustang)
+Brady Bullock (Emerald Rays)
+Cloudchaser The Flying Cupcake (Triple Treat)
+Mangle Pirate Fox (Diamond Aura)
+RainbowAdlina (Blue Flames)
+Conall S (Conall)
+StarFire607 (Utau)
+Paolo Alcano (Firebeam)

(I'm not done, I will edit this later)

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Ok :)
Hi my names is Lisa :)
I am 13 years old :)
I like MLP,CP,Fnaf and Anime :3
I would like to have friends :)
Will someone my friend ??? :/ :)

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Name crystal rose
Looks like Fluttershy but with pinky pies color
Image:get m me computer in January
Likes:Animals Nature you know Fluttershy stuff
Dislike:Brony and Pegasister haters
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This is my new OC :).
Name:Rocked Love :)
She is love Rock music :)
She is Ghot :) :3
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My Oc :)
Name:Jenni the Killer


Hi :)
I am new here :)

Can the mods take over please? I'm very busy

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name: death 
age: 16 
pony kind: pegasus 
skills:  killing bow and arrows 
likes: death 
dislikes: everything 
bio: she was forced to fight for her family her ear got chopped and her family died when this happened it was a sad day for her now she gets bullied
cutie mark: blood 
( btw i made her control death so ya ) 
random fact: she can now cut someone with her ear cause it blade sharp now

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Name celestia
Age 17
Gender mare
Skills throwing knives, shooting arrows, hunting, tracking, running, climbing, magic and flying
Personality quiet and hardly speaks, shy, doesn't care about how ponies treat her, and has a crush on... (Profile in making)
Bio was born without her wings or horn and grew them as she got her magic, is in public high school.


any one have a good site to make my oc for this
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