We should relaunch this somewhere else

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Return and bring this community back to life. Remember Libby will be forced to resign due to her cheating in the election.

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Movie filming near Watergate on Sunday.

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Metro 7000


You can use this for work, homework, and anything really! Skip all the ads, you're ad free! Since there are 35 songs it serves as something you can keep playing whenever your doing something, and not get bored and have songs over played! Your own radio-station! Without further introduction, I present, Fresh Beats 2.0! Make sure you vote for it in the poll under this! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUFgjTuvAvs&list=PLjIX8llRCv1LL9RLNv_e8sfpeeCRtju4O

We are all crazed lunatics and need to get ourselves together and stop making enemies. Remember you will be spending 3 years with these people.

Expect BIG NEWS soon, may not be good though...

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Should Bobby and Gus combine campaigns? 
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Yes, Bobby for President, Gus for VP
Yes, Gus for President, Bobby for VP
No, Bobby for President, Yohanna for VP
No, Gus for President, Jacob for VP
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