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For anyone who cannot find the Android Apps Community Guidelines, we have added them below....

Welcome To Android Apps.

Like Most Other Communities, We Have A Few Guidelines For All To Abide By When Posting......

Because The Translator Feature Doesn't Always Work Within Browsers Or The Google App. We Ask That All Posts/Replies Be Written Using The English Language. Any Posts/Replies Not Written In English, Will Be Deleted From The Community.

Guidelines For Posting A Favourite App Or Game That You Use/Play, Or Are Promoting An App Or Game That You Have Created.


1. Select The Appropriate Category Before Posting.

2. Include In Your Original Post, A Brief Description Or Details Of What The App Does, Or How To Play The Game.

3. List Some/All Features Of The App Or Game.

4. Let It Be Known If The App Or Game Is Completely Free, Free For A Limited Time, Or If It Is A Purchase Only Item.

5. Be Sure That A Link To The Download Page Is Also Added Within The Post.

6. Only Direct Links To Google Play Are To Be Used. 

7. When Posting Updated Versions Of Apps Or Games. Also Include The Original Description And Features.

8. Post Just One App Or Game Promotion (Or Favorite), Every Two Weeks.

Do Not's.......

1. Do Not Post Download Links That Are In Blogs Or Shortened URL Links.

2. Do Not Post "Shared Posts" From Other Communities.

3. Do Not Post The Same App Or Game Post In Succession.

4. Do Not Post Multiple App Or Game Promotions In Succession. Only One App Or Game Each Day (24 Hours).

5. Do Not Post Anything Related To "Illegal" Apps Or Games.

6. Do Not Report Apps/Games Bugs.

7. Do Not Ask For Help With Solving Any Apps/Games Problems.

8. Do Not Ask For App/Games Beta Testers.

9. Do Not Post Lists Of "Top 5 Apps Or Games", Or "Best Apps Or Games".

10. Do Not Post Videos Without Giving A Description (In Text) 
Of The Subject. 

11. Do Not Disable Comments In Your Post.

12. Do Not Post Apps/Web Pages/Blogs/Etc That's Purpose Is For Users To Make Money.

13. Do Not Ask To Exchange Reviews.

14. Do Not Ask For Five Star Ratings.

Reviewing Apps Or Games : Reviewing Any Apps/Games Must Be Done Within This Community, Not Linked To Any Web Page/Blog. Include In The Post The Download Link To Google Play. This Includes Any Video Reviews Being Posted. Only One Review Per Day (24 Hours).

Apps Or Games Requests : Looking For A Particular Type Of (Legal) App Or Game? Please Give Details Of What You're Looking For, Including Any Features You Need.

This Community Is Only For Android Apps Or Games. Any Postings Of Promoting (In Any Form) Personal/Company Web Pages, Blogs, Social Media Pages, Communities, Selfies. Or Anything Non Android Apps/Games Related, Will Be Removed. Anything Regarding To New/Old Devices, Hardware, Or Any Tips/Tutorials Regarding To Devices, Device Operating Systems, Hardware, Apps/Games, Will Also Be Removed.

If You Have Downloaded Any of The Apps/Games Promoted Within This Community, And Find That There Are Any "Bugs" Or "Problems" With The App/Game. Please Report Them To The App/Game Designer/Creator, Using The Available Email Address On The Google Play Page.

If The Above Guidelines Are Not Adhered To In Posts. Some Posts Will Receive A "Reminder Reply" Asking To Re-Read The Guidelines, And Edit The Original Post Accordingly. If No Post Editing Has Been Done Within Five (5) Hours, The Post And Username Will Be Removed From The Community. Other Posts Such As Listed In Previous Paragraph, Will Be Removed (Along With The Username) From The Community Without Any Kind Of "Reminder Reply".

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This is a free unit converter application.

here is the link:

the app convert such units as length, weight, volume, temperature, area, pressure, energy, power, force, time, speed, angle, fuel, data, current, density, electrical potential, flow, inductance, luminance, radiation, resistance, sound and torque.

The app is completely free.

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Hello all,

Let me introduce

This is a photo compression application for Android.

- take pictures with native camera application or choose an image from gallery
- select the quality settings (resize/JPEG encoding quality/filter quality)
- choose to overwrite original files or just share the smaller images on social networks
- you can save between 10% up to 90% space & bandwidth depending on quality/size settings.

The app is completely free.

Hi guys! We're a small indie team and here is our first game: Dealer's Life!

It’s a funny management simulation about buying&selling infinte items to infinite customers. All procedurally generated, with different endings. You will need to estimate every piece, negotiate every price and know in time how the customer would behave to your offers... And some luck won't waste too if you want to become the market king!

It's free to play and has no in-app purchases, so try it out! We are still working on it and we have a lot more ideas and content to add, we really would like your feedback to understand what's best for your taste! :D

Here's the link:

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I want to share my Android Photo Gallery/Photo App with you.
In a few words, the main feature is a high performance photo map where you can see all your photos.

There are also some special features like the exif rating feature and a wallpaper slideshow setup.


- Folder structure: Your photos are displayed in the folder structure you created on your device. You can organize your media right in the app (Create new folders, move items, ...).
- Date: Your photos are automatically sorted by date taken
- Rating: Your photos are grouped by the rating from “Unknown” to a 5 starts rating. Of course you can change the rating and the information is stored into the field that is also used by Windows (EXIF!). That makes your changes compatible with your computer.
- Location: On a map you can see where you have taken the photos. This allows you to see where you were already everywhere and wherever you are traveling. The photos will be grouped when it is approximately the same geo location on the map (GPS, geo tagging). But when zooming is automatically calculated to be grouped. The number of photos is always displayed. The geo location of an image can be changed right in the app!
After tapping a photo group you get an overview of the images you took at this location.
- Detailed view: One can of course look at the photos in whole size and possibly delete, share and view other information about it.
- Wallpaper slideshow: Changes automatically the background image (wallpaper) of your device. Every hour or every day at midnight.
- Video playback
- Explorer mode: In all views you can select between the grid view and the explorer/list view
- Search: You can search your photos by using the name, folder, date and file extension
- Photo Editor: The integrated and very powerful Photo Editor by Adobe ("Adobe Creative SDK") allows you to manipulate your photos, as example apply filters, crop or add a frame; draw lines, change color saturation...

Plesse download it for free and give me some feedback. The app contains ads but they can be removed using the in app purchase.

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Hi all, I'll share a free skull theme with you!

Skull Grim Reaper is a free theme specially designed for CM Launcher users, including dozens of cool icons and awesome skull wallpaper/background, which can personalize your phones easily.

- Amazing 3D transition effects on screens and folders switching.
- Elegant and simple 3D screen navigation.
- Screen management interface with sense of space.
- Cool 3D clock and weather widgets.
- Dynamic display on All Apps alphabetical list, or “App drawer”.


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Hey guys, check this great app, there is now huge discount - 75% off

What is Root Cleaner? Root Cleaner is simple application which cleans mess in your system and on your storage. And what is it good for? If you get rid of useless files and folders you can increase your device's performance and also get some free space. Application also includes "App manager" which allows you to manager your apps (Freeze/Unfreeze, Uninstall, Clear data) and some other features. Check it on the market and don't forget that you have money back guarantee.

-App manager
-Daytime notifications
-Cleaning interval

Application is paid.

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Hey everyone ...

We're happy to announce the release of ShareNŌTZ, a new app that gives you the ability to not only create searchable notes and lists, but also to 'share' specific notebooks with your friends, family and colleagues.

Sharing occurs in near real-time and also ensures that your notes are synchronized not only between all your own personal devices but with everyone else whom you have shared with.

ShareNŌTZ is a free app which can be upgrade to offer additional features and capabilities.

Please check it out:

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Hi guys,

Try out my new free game based on the good old minesweeper!

How To Play
• Ten random mines will flash red at the start of the game. Tap or swipe the inactive mines to clear them.
• Once you've cleared twenty mines you can use the right arrow to move on to a new board with a full minefield, but if you continue clearing mines you'll earn an increasing combo of points.
• Are you brave enough to take the risk to try and earn a larger score fast, or do you play it safe testing your luck and metal through the endless boards?

Let me know your thoughts about the app!

Free Application:

Compute is a hybrid / unitary calculator that is both a typical arithmetic calculator and a unitary parser that evaluates expressions involving units. Input an expression, such as "3.2mi + 1km", press compute, and see the magic happen! Notice that the app always uses the last unit as the conversion unit. Add "+ 0conversion unit" to dictate what unit you want to convert to. So "1m+1cm+0m" returns the result in m (1.01m). You can use other operators besides +, like *, /, and -. It's clean, beautiful, and super intuitive to use.

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