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hi there! im new and this is my lil kinz:Β 
age: puppy age XD
she is brave and loves to explore as much as she can

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Name: Jake
Gender: Boy
Age: 9
Grade: 4
Personality: Kind, fun, mischievous
Enjoys: Making stories going on adventures. (of course, the biggest adventure he ever had was climbing a really high climbing wall)

Hey guys, it seems people such as JammaKinz LPS and TheCupcakeCutie haven't signed up their puppies, Snowy and Charlotte. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up.

When is the TalentΒ Quass Jr.?

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+JammaKinz LPSΒ  If you want more join this community And be out 30th member!

Runs to school- i

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Join My other Community Webkinz Puppy Academy RP For bigger normal webkinz! if your bored of this community join this one so you have 2 to go 2! It has more people so it will hopfully people will be more active then this 1
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