Pandora is in her robot form with Ultra Magnus who is happening to be searching for Predaking's whereabouts.

We now have an Ultra Magnus everyone!

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Their not OC's but I don't know where else to put them
{Profile requirements}

Pictures have quotes for the individual characters.

Name: the Destructicons
Alias: Galvatron, Slipstream, Cyclonus, Scourge, Heralds of unicron

{<Descriptions and such>}
Age: unknown for all
Allegiance (Doesn't need to be used): Destructicons
Class: pictures have classes
Alt mode (Can be several or one): cybertronian jet modes
Weapon of choice (Can be several or one):
Galvatron: dark energon powered fusion cannon
Scourge: dark energon blades
Slipstream: dark energon powered null rays
Cyclonus: dark energon blasters
Relationship (Yes, cross- allegiance relationships are allowed!): non
Physical features: pictures have the physical features of each individual
Scars (If there is any): Unknown for all

{Other detailings!}
Hobbies: unknown for all
Likes: unknown for all
Dislikes: unknown for all
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Want to join in my rp post, +predaking prime the king of predacons?

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Attention everyone!:

We have people rping as canon characters aka characters from the show. This is a very good thing. This is the kind of thing I'm asking to happen in this community.

+Unicron Megatron, would you like to rp as Megatron? I have his rp part reserved for you in case if you'd like to rp as him.

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Name: Arcee
Gender: female
Team: Autobots
Likes: protecting humans
Dislikes: Desepticons especially Airachnid
Weapons: the dagger on the side of Arms, guns,
Transformation: a motorcycle

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Pandora is in the Autobot base due to safety because Predaking is hunting her down.

+Queen Flora of Floria​ is there a certain profile template
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