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May I be the mind or fighting arena boss? It's your choice. +Willis Smith

Cookie runs around with a cookie in her mouth and a person chasing her
Guy: Come back here little Umbreon!

sits down by +Willis Smith 

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Name: Cookie
Species: Umbreon
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Moves: Last Resort((140 damage)), Giga Impact((150 damage)), Moonlight, Hyper Beam((150 damage))
Ability: Synchronize
Job: Thief aka gatherer
Extra: LOVES cookies!
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Cookie walks around wondering what to do My Arceus I'm bored!

I practice my Bolt strike move on a dummy. Slowly a hole burns through ... DONE! I stop practicing the move and prepare for the next

Let's see how long we can keep this ball going. makes and electro ball 46, 47....47! New record! (open)


sits on a bench and looks for +Cody Nalfene  
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