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One of the beauty of #osseointegration technology is the tactual sensation of the replacement #limb which helps it to adjust to #weight, #speed, arm abduction and other related moves.

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Welcome to China's largest trade fair of assistive products, orthotics & prosthetics and rehabilitation equipments
About R&OC 2018

China No.1: R&OC 2018, the 8th edition of the annual event is the largest platform showcasing the assistive products, prosthetics & orthotics and rehabilitation equipments in China, serves to feature the latest state of development of the Chinese industry and introduces the worlds latest technologies to the Chinese market. The combination of International Rehabilitation Canton Forum (IRCF) makes the R&OC an optimal trading and dialogue platform for professionals, market leaders, suppliers, dealers and innovative newcomers from China and across the world.

2018 Expectations
250 exhibitors, 600 stands, 25,000 square meters floor plan including exhibition and the forum, and 25,000+ domestic and overseas visitors expected.

The last fair in March 2017 attracted a total of 305 well-known companies from 23 countries and regions. With more than 500 booths, it gathered 14,139 industrial professional visitors from 62 countries and regions. The concurrent event International Rehabilitation Canton Forum (IRCF) held by Sun Yat-Sen University in the same city and 163 renowned domestic and overseas experts invited for academic speeches sharing the latest research to a total of 1861 professional audience 2017 video report:

-- Daily living aids and barrier-free living
-- Mobility, walking aids and related assistive products
-- Prosthetics & orthotics, pedaetric services
-- Equipments for PT, OT, ST
-- Equipments used in traditional Chinese medicine
-- Home-use rehabilitation nursing devices
-- Aids for children

Maggie Li
Manager of Overseas Business Development
Add: F/4, 406, Tower B, Poly World Trade Centre, No.1000 Xin Gang Dong Road, Haizhu District,Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-66224913

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Most amputees prefer getting their replacement #limbs while the stumps, also known as #residual limb is highly responsive which is actually a very good idea. This is the stage at which #medical experts advise amputees to start walking in order to heal the wound, strengthen the leg and prevent swelling of the wound.

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Amputees get quite curious and geeky about the new #prosthetic #designs. Curiosity they say kills the cat, but in this case it’s a different ball game. Prosthetic is not just an extension of the body, but it is also a restoration for a missing #limb and it is designed to replace a lost limb as good as gone.

Buy prosthetics and orthotics from China

Welcome to the largest trade fair showcasing the prosthetics & orthotics, assistive products and rehabilitation equipments in China.

Event: Rehacare & Orthopedic China 2018 (R&OC2018)
Date: 2 - 4 April, 2018
Venue: Poly World Trade Centre, Guangzhou, China

Last trade fair video report:

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Though #prostheses are built to stand the test of time, how long it will last depends on the level of activities. #Maintenance also factors the lifespan of your prosthesis.

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There is no perfect already made replacement limb for an #amputee. Hence, you have to work closely with a #prosthetic expert when getting a replacement. He or she #designs the best feat for you. The expert will also guide you on how get the out of your limbs.

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