It was a sunny newleaf day, and Iceclaw was out hunting. He spotted a rabbit and started to give chase. The warrior's speed kept pace with the rabbit. he lept into the air, coming down on the rabbit and killing it. 

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Thinking of a different picture for silverclan, which one you like better?
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Silverstream and graystripe
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Cat with fire
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Book cover merge

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I have returned.

Name: Iceclaw
Clan: Silver
Rank: Warrior
Crush: N/A
Family: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 17 moons
Likes: meeting new cats, cold, water, sunlight, mornings, wind, patrols, and clan meetings.
Dislikes: battles, seeing any clan suffer, People touching his foot, kittypets, herbs, and being stuck in the camp.

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+Iceey Woods  HERE YOU GO! :D made it in litterally 5 seconds

Rules of Silverclan  

 *DON'T* Give out personal information, If you are going to give out personal information, please give it out on hangouts or somewhere else. DON'T Yell at each other on a post that is not yours, if you are going to yell at someone, make sure it's on your own post then delete it, or don't yell at each other at all. DON'T Post that have nothing to do with the community, if is not on the left side of the screen where the topics are, don't talk about it. DON'T Brag about something that is not impressive. If anything, don't brag at all. DON'T Ignore people when they need your help or if they are asking a question  

 *DO* Help people when they need help/ have a question DO Follow these rules at all times or else you WILL be banned from this community. DO Make sure when you are role playing, someone has given you an adoptable before. DO Post a picture of art at least once every six months, if you have no way to do it, tell Silverstar (Leader of Silverclan) DO ask Silverstar questions if it is only meant for you and her. DO Make a character sheet when you first join the clan (silverclan)  


 I expect you Silverclan warriors to follow these rules. If you do not follow them, you get 3 chances, after that I am going to kick you out of Silverclan and move you into the forest.

 You can use someone else's lineart without crediting them, mostly because you did all the hard work and editing. But, just to do that, you have to ask me, Silverstar. but you would have to show me which lineart you are using.    Gossip You can gossip about the cats in the books, you may not gossip about each other in Silverclan.    

                                  Inappropriate Language
 If you are going to swear, ask me first because you have to tell me why you want to swear and i will remember why you want to swear. If you swear without any permission, that will be a warning. You can NOT talk about anything dirty/inappropriate AT ALL.   Hope you guys follow my rules and agree with them.

Right I think it should be a rule that everyone creates a character sheet.
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