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My character Spectral Rain is hungry for a fight, who should he fight and debate weather or not he can win.(he has a ton of powers, he is basically and water elemental warrior's ghost possessing a high tech suit that enhances his elemental powers so he can use them;once he died he lost them; and he now has ghost powers that include: possession ,intangibility, immortality.

His water abilities include: Army creation, shapeshifting, freezing stuff, able to change his phase of matter, can become a fog cloud, Can dodge easily, can control all water in any phase of matter, can fly as water vapour, can grow or shrink when exposed to water, can regain health by changing into a cloud of vapour and raining down mini-Spectral Rains that form back together as himself, and can heal by being exposed to water, and he has a special move that freezes everything including the hottest fire to the point where it shatters to pieces (all living creatures stay alive, but in pain). I think that is all of his powers, besides frost vision and ice blasts from his hands.

His weapons are just swords or whatever.

His weaknesses: If the suit fails in some way he becomes drastically unstable, resulting in him not able to use most of his water abilities(i.e. he just gets the ghost ones, and his phase changing ability, and he can use mega freeze, but it is like ssgss kiaoken Goku, same risks.)

When his suit fails he becomes stunned, he is pretty weak and doesn't really have a body, the suit literally holds him together, and keeps his body stable. The suit is water proof, but it is just advanced technology beyond that
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Hi, this is spectral rain. I used my mom's email to make a second account. My account has been limited for a few weeks for no reason, so I will be using this account for those few weeks

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