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OK so this is how it works:

Every 10-20 Days i tell you all a new Project
(You can you don't have to)
(ill always post a picture as a Description)
Be creative and draw the Undertake Characters so that they fit in the Project
Don't steal from other Artists!
If you do your post will be removed
After the third time you stole you get banned
You can of course ask other Artists if you can use their Idea for a Picture but ask before and tag the person in your post!
So like that

[Text etc.]
(Creator +this and this person
Original Artist +the person who drew this)

If you ah be questions ask me

And no i wont make anyone of you a mod!

It doesn't have to be a digital paint

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The next project is called "Catnapped"
Idea by +Uռɖɛʀsաѧք Saռs Sɰѧpғєʟʟ

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The Next Project is

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Ok this is the first drawing of the project "Scissorhands"
You can use this as an inspiration for your art

Character/OC used: +Error Sans
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