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Air Pollution Control Systems Market Size, Analytical Overview, Growth Factors, Demand And Trends Forecast To 2025

The global air pollution control systems market size is expected to be valued at USD 98.17 billion by 2025, per a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., registering a 5.0% CAGR during the forecast period. Rampant gas emissions from mining and construction sectors is projected to boost market growth.

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Increasing adoption of #airpollution control systems, rising awareness towards the importance of ecological conservation, and ongoing efforts to promote adoption of renewable fuels over fossil fuels is predicted to boost the global market. Numerous countries are announcing strict regulations to substantially reduce rampant use of #fossilfuels that result in extensive emissions harmful gases and particulate matter.

Polluted air contains harmful substances in high concentrations and this can have undesirable effects on the ecology. Adverse effects include damage to human health, flora and fauna, and the environment at large. The eco system is vulnerable to pollution from natural sources and human activities. Combustion processes are among the largest originators of air contaminants, and industries that need combustion at the core of their processes are said to be major contributors to air pollution.

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City life has often been associated with foul air and heavy traffic is the biggest source of air pollution.There are many different types of mask available on the market.The most basic ones offer little more protection than a surgical mask, while the best anti-pollution mask comes with sophisticated multi-layer filters.


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The precious of all resources is your employees, but is your office air safe for them? Or are they brutally dying breathing in all the impurities!!!

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Did you know indoor air pollution can be even worse than outside pollution? Poor indoor air quality is associated with health problems such as irritated eyes, nose and throat.

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idMASK2 Light - Soft Silicone Facial Seal - Niravanabeing
idMASK2 Light has Airtight, Shatter-Resistant Plastic Frame and Filters that are engineered for less air-resistance, improving breathability.

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Hi Guys!
I wanna let you know about a #competition for startups Smogathon 2️⃣️0️⃣️1️⃣️8️⃣ Do you fight air pollution with innovation and technology? Fight for clean air and compete for $15 000, $10 000, $5000 in cash and special implementation prizes.

Check out #Smogathon explainer video!


Applications are open till 12th of August. Apply now at⬇️

We invite you to apply for taking part in one of six semi-finals:
➡️ Berkeley, USA🇺🇸 ️ ️
➡️ São Paulo, Brazil🇧🇷 ️
➡️ London, UK🇬🇧️
➡️ Katowice, Poland🇵🇱
➡️ New Delhi, India🇮🇳
➡️ Beijing, China🇨🇳

10-12 selected projects will take part in intensive Q&A sessions with Smogathon experts at Krakow Finals. Top six solutions selected over the course of Krakow Finals will pitch their projects Krakow Finals will pitch over the course of the Finals will pitch their projects in front of an international jury at the Grand Finale in Kijów.Centrum.

What Smogathon 2018 is looking for? The most desirable projects are in the following areas:
➡️ indoor and outdoor air purifying
➡️ household power and heat generation and energy storage
➡️ smog as a resource
➡️ new ways of smog mapping and predicting
➡️ air pollution prevention
➡️ electromobility
➡️ biotechnology
➡️ other

Who can apply?
#Startups, #teams, #scientists, #companies, #students, #designers, #architects with a legal entity. More information in Terms & Conditions⬇️

#TeamSmogathon #smog #airpollution #TheGameIsOn #WeNeedAHero #TimeToBeatTheSmog

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Car Cabin Smells After being Parked in the Sun? That’s not Just Odour, Those are Pollutant
#Car #Cabin #Smells After being Parked in the Sun but there are very few products in the market that combine both #HEPA and activated carbon air #filtration. The #Honeywell #Move #Pure #Car #Air #Purifier is one such #revolutionary #product offering total protection in a sleek little package.

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Keep Your Home Clean from Dusty Weather Outside Using Home Air Purifier
Using #home #air #purifiers is the best method to keep your home clean because a home air purifier is a #smart home #product that can very much take away your dusting worries. #HEPA #filters #honeywell
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