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The rule
*No be rude to others
*Don't break the rule XD
If anyone well like to put "shipping" on here you guys are welcome but plz don't but porn just put stuff that's PG-18 ok but run it to me if you want OK and if there's any categories you guys want me to put just ask and I'll see with my staff ok

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Im new and don't know how to rp so can someone please teach me

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If rp I'm the qeens little girl

NAME: Cristal
Age: 14

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Me Crystal
Gender : female
Is a Maid

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Adult 😍😍💙🖤💗💖💟

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Hanging out with Alois's sister Aliese! Don't get why Ciel hates the Trancy family so much..
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Name: Titania Lara Romanderr
Age: 2,984
Gender: Female
Appearance: Terracotta hair, green eyes, light skin, often in a red tank top with black shorts & stockings, and leather golden boots, red lipstick
Personality: Calm, collected, kind, caring, gorgeous, a badass, and loving
Hobbies: Cooking, Art, Modelling, Architecture, Writing, Swordfighting, Spell Casting, Archery, and
Powers: Sorcerer's Wield, Unveiling, Summoning, Shapeshifting, Enhanced Senses, Superstrength, Superspeed, High Intelligence, Demon Force, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Sajin Grand Master Mode, Magic Duplication and Resurrection
Backstory: She's a Goddess of Power, Magic, Mercy, Strength, and Women. She was cursed to a human form by Grant Fearlor, and Sebastian Michaelis broke the spell. She saved Sebastian's life from an archangel. 5 years ago, she was kidnapped by Grant Fearlor, who'd cursed her nephew. Grant wanted to marry her. Sebastian eventually saved her, and got to know her mother better. The Sajin Grand Master Mode is her strongest power, which is why she only uses it in dire situations.
Weapons: Exaltor, Haunted Spear, and Demon Force.
Relationships: Friends:
Sebastian Michaelis (for 1,000 years)
Ciel Phantomhive (she saved him)
Grell Sutcliff (also saved him)
Undertaker {Adrian Crevan} (her other best friend, for 20 years)
Vincent Phantomhive (for 10 years, until he died)
Katelyn Gorrel (for 300 years)
Family Members:
Numirana Crystal Romanderr (mother)
Roszakalic Joseph Romanderr (brother)
Azaroth Jade Romanderr (nephew)
Diamond Romanderr (sister-in-law)
Augustus Romanderr (father)
Katrina Morrits (aunt)
Edward Morrits (uncle)
Grant Fearlor (he wants to take over England)
Angelina Dalles {Madam Red} (attacked her)
William T. Spears (he's too serious)
Meredia (wants to take over Ania's life?!)
Rachel Phantomhive (bitter rivalry)

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Ella Michaelis was Sebastian Michaelis little girl and he would do anything to keep his little demon safe from the Angels that where after her.

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Rp anyone?
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