Love smartphones and have been in cellular customer service about 15 years. I am a research bug so use my time.

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For those of you who have shattered several smartphones as I have -- here is a welcome invention from CES2013. Foldable smartphone screen!

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I beginning to look into options to live stream MobileMKE meetings.  I just found out that Raspberry Pi will have a 1080p camera module in 2013 for $25.  So for $60 you can build a low cost streaming machine with capture capabilities minus the SD card. 

I'd call this pretty mobile solution to discuss.  What do you think?

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A different kind of "mobile":

About 6-7 weeks ago, I ordered one with WiFi and camera, and will be pleasantly surprised to receive it next fall since I will have long forgotten about it by then...  Should be fun.

How do you think Mobile will change in 2013?

I am thinking about doing a Google+ Hangout during the holidays.  Who would be interested?  The plan would be to talk about new tech you may have got yourself or your family.  Thoughts?

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Not in MKE or very MOB at the moment, but both things will be remedied in the near future. :) (Figured I'd write something to "break the ice.")
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