Anyone want to do a Dahvie vanity rp?

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Name: Sean McAdams
Age: 19
Likes: Hollywood Undead and anything else that resembles music
Dislikes: Mosh pits that get sexual and shit
Personality: Kind, sorta shy and seems groupie like but isn't
Bio: She was kicked out when she was 16 and has been couch surfing since. She finally found a home with a friend of hers from school. She likes turtles, music and is always listening to Hollywood Undead. Sean is easily embarrassed and fell in love with Danny from HU. 

You can start a PP with me if you wanna RP. She is one of four characters that I have for band RP's.
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I went to a Hollywood Undead concert and the guys wanted to bring a girl on stage to sing Coming Back Down to her so Johnny whispers in Charlie's ear and points at me and Charlie smiles and points at me and Danny grabs my hand and sits me down a chair and Danny starts singing and looking at me and the crowd is screaming

name: Ana
age: 17
Bio: Sweet and loves HU and is kind of shy but pretty 
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I love this song it's amazing 

I'm sitting on the bench listening to Hollywood Undead when my friend walks by and sits by me his name is Johnny three tears

Name: Angel
Age: 14
Bio: Loves music and Johnny
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