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Discussion:The original Jamestown fort was discovered a few years ago. When we grew up, we only heard about Jamestown, or not, like in my case. But it was the first English colony that actually survived and was where the Pilgrims were supposed to go before they got lost and ended up in Massachusetts.
Before this discovery, a recreation of the fort was built near where the original fort was thought to be. All we had were historical documents to suggest what life was like during that time. The kids have been reading a lot of those documents with me while reading Blood on the River. Then Bill Kelso, a historical archaeologist, while doing extensive research, found the real fort under a park that was constructed a couple hundred years ago in celebration of Jamestown. They are in the process of digging up one of the most important sites in the US because this was the original first colony of the US. Now historians and archaeologists are piecing together the true story of Jamestown.

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