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The second in a hopefully long line of fantasy cartography maps by Arcknight games.

We're experimenting with various things, please give us feedback!

We expect cities in a few places, but rather than ingrain them into the map, we're going to use overlays for cities and special locations.

Played a session on Roll20 last night and everyone gave kudo's on the VTT Fun tokens and map (ruined manor), I thought I would let you know your work is appreciated.

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The first in a hopefully long line of fantasy cartography maps by Arcknight games.

I would appreciate any advice or criticism while we refine a style and process we're really happy with, and then we plan to deliver a great deal more of where this came from.

(Individual locations will be overlaid, allowing maps to have multiple variations and be as useful in your homebrew games as possible.)

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Backerkit Pre-order Page for the Flat Plastic Miniatures campaign is now live and taking additional orders.

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Flat Plastic Miniatures has ended, 957 backers. Wow what a campaign and a staggering final drive.

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The Flat Plastic Miniature kickstarter went live, and hit it's funding goal in 40 hours!

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Arcknight will be bringing the Flat Plastic Miniatures line to you VERY soon, and we currently have 16 potential 'themes' imagined. So that it doesn't collapse under it's own size, we'll be streamlining this first phase to 3 initial themes, and +2 additional themes if we hit stretch goals.

For more information on FPM, check out or G+ page for prototypes.

So, which themes would you like to see created? PLEASE VOTE in this very simple poll for your favorites. It will heavily weigh our decisions, as we only have strong leanings toward 2 themes at the moment.

You may vote on multiple categories, vote up any and all of your favorites, or even SUGGEST YOUR OWN theme.


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15 "Premade" Cobblestone City maps, for those who can't tile them (and also so we can apply Fog of War in your favorite VTT program)
Cobblestone City
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We have the rudiments of our first digital game all laid out, including a map. It's called Arcknight Kingdoms.

It'll be an easy to pick up and play war-game fashioned around the old SNES Romance of the 3 Kingdoms war-games, with some inspirational elements from Warsong (sega) and Dragonforce (sega saturn) thrown in.

Originally planned for Flash and to be released via Kongregate and ArmorGames, it's now planned for Unity so it's sequel could possibly even port to Steam - but keep in mind what this game is and what it isn't :

It's a casual, fun, war-game experience. It's got a lot of variables under the hood to keep it interesting (risk on crack) but it's not a high-budget game or a large investment. Ideally, it introduces people to the world of Arcknight, our cities, heroes and other NPCs, and (if done correctly) it'll be more fun than idly playing Risk or Minesweeper when you have 10 minutes to kill at your computer. If this game becomes a beloved 'time waster' and you can win/lose and play again and enjoy it, I'll consider it a complete success.

It'll be a 'regional control' risk-type game, where you gain resources, attack other regions, and try to take over the world type thing. Fast paced, make smart decisions, you do well.

The formula is to make a bare-bones "main continent only" version and release it completely for free (+ some meager plays revenue from the flash sites, but I consider this moot.) and take the natural comments / criticisms to heart while we then work on "part 2" which will include many more of the features we're planning all along, more continents, more options, game modes, etc etc.

The 'battle scenes' will have armies of little chibi soldiers running around and killing each other, my plan is to have them be very fast like in Warsong - simply to 'show' you the outcome of your battle, but also an opportunity for us in the sequel to add battlefield dialogue, and special event opportunities (your commanders could get wounded and decommissioned, or even killed.) You may recognize the art from our Chibi VTT Tokens kickstarter - this is where some of that art originated. 

Anyone interested in the project, collaborating, etc feel free to message us. We have a coder tackling this as a side-project, but theres no rush and it's semi-on hold for more funding. If we had an investor, we could get this project up to speed very quickly - as it stands we'll probably resume work on this after our next map kickstarter when we have more funds.
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