Are you a thinker? Are you a brainstormer? Do you want to do something different? Do you every day think about making a change and not able to give it a speed? don't have a stage? I am just like you! BUT HERE IS THING: I want to take some steps to make my and your ideas to happen in reality. So here I am trying to connect to you guys, with different ideas, different skills BUT ONE MOTIVE TO BRING CHANGE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. And no one can bring it alone. Let's connect together and let's not remain a community active on web lets go one step further and start preparing a team. How it will work, why should you join, what's profit ? is that bothering you? if it is then you can never take one step further but if you want to .... head over and let's start connecting each other. I haven't developed a form yet but I will shortly in next 2 days but you can see my work and main domain. But feel free to drop me an introductory email so I can connect you with the group when ever I will be done with the coding of those features on my website. Some hilarious point: 1. I am not a hacker 2. Please break your social anxiety (if you have, I broke it too) and email me or connect via website link given above. 3. I respect INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and hence don't disclose any idea you have ONLINE´╗┐
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