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The next line of stories, thoughts and other pieces of writing, comes from myself, and then a few other anonymous people.  I've asked, a long time ago, that people share their thoughts and feeling to a site of mine that was around.  SomeoneWhocarez  Normally what did occur is that people commented about their situations, helped others because of their own past experiences, or just wanted people to read a few things that they feel could help guide others' thoughts.  

Whatever the reason, there are all kinds of places like this and different variations.  Before more of s1WCz can get more physical and involved in so much more of the communities around us will be right here through the internet.  The plan is simple... its in the name... if you're a positive person, then you understand the direction.  If you're not, then maybe you're fighting to become that.  People, something I'm really good at and passionate about.  I was just in denial for about 11 years.  

Now that you've joined and possibly, have seen this...feel free to comment on it, share it with others and figure out how to adjust some of your perspective and get happy faster!  

Thanks for joining! +Nyto Griffen 

I really need a photo for s1WCz   :(

s1WCz is a conglomeration of all things.  I was told a long time ago that we could be or do anything we wanted, positively!  Well that's what this is...I've done a lot and still doing more!  Life is definitely what you make it!
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