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The Willing Witches and The Witch Hunter Compromise: I was a Witch Hunter through dimentions and eras, I had many weapons or just a few at one time or another. Many Witch Hunters often killed witches thinking them all evil, I did not but even helped some witches whom fought against evil themselves. Today a few good Witches joined with me to fight the evil ones, some others that I had relationships with honored me in me sparing them and not giving them up to our Witch Hunter's Council, others simply horney and wanting a man appreciated that I was often in their dimentions and eras and often invited me to their homes to "help them get over some others hunting them". I was often in demand when not Witch Hunting the very very evil witches and it was odd that at Halloween Witches got more stimulated so it did not hurt to have a man near them whom they understood.

(I need a Few Good Ladies, or one good Lady to pick a witch she can portray as an ally to myself whom will help me hunt down the Evil Witches. There also will be a building relationship between me and the witch.)
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I wonder if any Doom stories have been made yet?

I has found this place once again!

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¥[Feel free to give me lots of nice Feedback, but no Flaming please!!]¥

Chapter 4 - Fucking Parents

Sphinx, nicknamed Pinx, had just stepped out the shower with a white towel around her body, a Cheshire grin on her face to the sight before her.

Vinus, dubbed Vi, was knocked out along the edge of the red, large Queen sized bed they share. The upper half of her body, clothed by a loose T-shirt that matched her shoulder length white hair quite nicely, lay draped over the bed, with the bottom half bare naked. Completely bare naked. She was almost hard pressed to lick her mocha colored skin, just to see if it would taste like milk chocolate.

Sphinx loved milk chocolate.

Sphinx could only smile in mischievous delight. Heading downstairs to the kitchen, Pinx opened the fridge and grabbed a can of whip cream, a pair of Big Bagels,wrapped in a paper towel sheet, and a single fresh cherry. Closing the refrigerator with her forehead, she began heading back to her bedroom where Vinus was hopefully still knocked the fuck out, but nearly tripped on something soft.

Their pet daemon cat, Rage. An appropriate name since all he ever did was growl, yell, or fight other animal when he wasn't eating. A cats body, a tiger's claws,  a scorpion's tail and a male lions head. Well, three lion heads with the middle one being the biggest. All slapped onto one muscular neck.

How could you not love him? He growled lowly, which mean't he was probably hungry. And Sphinx knows, from unfortunate experience how much of a female dog the fucking alpha male acting cat could be when he was hungry. So, setting the items she collected down on the couch, opened a fresh back of cat food, and left the bag open in front of the bowl he ate out of. Roaring in response, Rage literally jumped into the back of cat food, and proceeded to gorge himself as he pleased.

With joy, Sphinx regathered her collection of refrigerator items, and ran back upstairs to her room to find Vinus........

Still out cold. Good. Vinus made sure to lock the door too. Wouldn't want Rage to barge in on them like last time.

Not bothering to tiptoe, knowing how much of a heavy sleeper Vi was. Disregarding the towel upon the red carpet that was a darker shade of red than the humongous bed the duo shared. Placing the items she collected gently next to Vinus' sleeping body, Pinx straddled the sleeping woman, but was careful not to put pressure on her. Placing one hand of Sphinx's half erect penis, she smoothly stroked it.

"God it's so hot. Oh, your gonna love this." Sphinx whispered to herself has her lovers cock slowly but surely stood at maximum attention, causing light unconscious moans to escape Vinus' perched lips. She didn't really know why 

Picking up the can of whip cream, Sphinx sprayed the can in a circular motion that soon covered the entirety of Vinus' throbbing hard on. Then, she proceeded to place the cherry on top.

The Big Bagel's were for later.

Sphinx licked her lips in anticipation for what's next to come.

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Life of a young couple

Love brings about a flurry of emotions, happiness to sadness, anxiousness to ease, comfort to unpleasantry. Being a young married couple, the situation was quite volatile. Despite all that, that was definitely the joy of being together...

Everyday we would greet one another with kisses, warm ourselves with a hearty breakfast and toy around till the bread-winner has to leave for work. It is rather lonely, both at home or at the office even though contact with one another is still established. Not seeing one another entirely or the lack of touch left an emptiness that brewed a wish for fleshy reunion back at home.

Inevitably, lust blooms from the contrast between the sqwaking voice of the boss, the bantering between two old ladies and the lovely voice from one another's lips. How we would celebrate our reunion with a long hearty kiss that made the cooked meal taste mild. Longing for one another's warmth throughout the day, we were quick to take it to the couch, nuzzling and snuggling against one another, our bodies would stroke against one another shamelessly until we won't be able to stand being in clothes anymore...

An office uniform and dress would trail down from the living room to the bedroom. There, a barely dressed man would be nippling away at his wife's skin, leaving marks all over her body while she giggled and groaned all out, leaving the neighbours below unable to sleep from the sexual frustrations that brew within...

{Got bored, lazy writing huzzah! +1 if you want to see more}

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Life of a young couple {Continued}

Oh, how we turn into beasts of the night, savages of lust as we fill the empty night full of moans and cries. With the constant banging of flesh, lusty screams of lust and rough dirty talk on the bed, it wasn't wrong to assume if there is a burglary or rape case and even worst of all, an imminent earthquake.

As violent as it was, it was how we showed our love for one another, ruthlessly pleasuring one another to no end and not giving each other a minute to catch a breathe. We were desperate to leave a mark on one another for the night was the only time where we can really bear our fangs on one another without being ashamed. The neigbours are mostly asleep, police as lazy as ever and the crikets are humming peacefully, a perfect time for the wolves to hunt.

The constant slurp with the tongue, the fleshy pop of meat slapping against one another, the naughty growls and moans... All of these noises from a lusty couple wouldn't halt until midnight. Such a vigorous exercise left both exhausted, weary and aching everywhere, how each other's sensation lingered on the skin.

Finally it was off to the shower for both of us to clean off the grime and sweat off. We would lather the slimy soap on each other's bodies teasingly, how fun never stopped... Dragging our tired bodies to the bed once again, it was time to prepare for the next day, our bodies we plastered against one another throughout the night with a wide smile on the lips... "I can't wait for tomorrow" we told ourselves as we fell asleep into the blissful night.
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Idea for an OC race.


• Race Name: Furaka

• All members of the race of toned, volpous but well muscled and toned feminine bodies.

• The race was artificially created by something.

• The race Love to copulate, but when ever they fuck will always pop out Offspring.

• Offspring produced in the form of an Egg (size dependable on Genetics) and can produce 5 to 20 offspring per Egg depending on the Egg size.

• Are powerful and potent combatants, as well as being comprised of a near myriad of sub-species.

• Social psychology is not too relatable to _human social psychology, giving it its own unique social decor.


• "Male", and "Female" are determined purely by who gave the love hole some loving, and who popped out the offspring, and genuinely gender identification is inconsequential, although they do use feminine pronouns more than often. It is based on ones personal preference.

• The number of Male sex organs vary depending on the Furaka's Genetics.

• Gender is deemed inconsequential and trifling in terms of activities, due to hermaphroditic genders.

• Sex with different species and races adds to gestalt collective gene pool.

• Many different sub-species exist.

• DNA, Genetics, and Genes are extraordinarily powerful. Useful for Futaka offspring.

All I got for now.


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Feel Free to Invite People ~

+Passion 情熱
+Cyphon Greenwood
+Lady Esdeath

And anyone else. The more the merrier, right?

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¥[Chapter 2 here. And I am still devising a lovely plot currently. But here is Chapter 2. But please give me _feedback__ or I will not know what I am doing wrong or right.]¥_

Chapter 2 - Work and Plans

Vinx and Tigra were panting furiously, literally out of breath due to their activities.

If not then evident from a thick pool of white ozzing out of Vinx pink love hole, then the excess sweat that covered their bodies certainly proved more than enough enjoyment.

"More?" Tigra half pleaded half asked Vinx in between grasp of hair. Tigra cooed Vinx's neck, as she lay underneath Vinx sexy nude body.

"As much as I would love to resume fucking You we have to get out of bed. It's 9:30"

"That's plenty of time!" Tigra retorted. Vinx didn't have to head to work until 12:00

"Maybe for you, but I have a to report to the GuraMind before eleven o'clock sharp." Vinx cooed, reaching her hand behind her back to cup her lovers face, even though she didn't turn her head around.

"Yeah, I know......" Tigra resigned in defeat. She knew how long it took for Vinx to arrive to the GuraWar. It was the Hub for Warfare subjects, with Vinx being the newly appointed security guard. Vinx. The psychotic maddened gun WarEmpress. A security guard at a place that literally trained students in every art in killing, torture, and murder with every single weapon and arsenal conceivable.

Sounded like overkill to Tigra.

But, it was very well paying, so Tigra had no right to halt Vinx. Tigra had to work at GuraMind, the Hub for Gray Matter.

Vinx grinned as she started sliding her back up and down across Tigra bare breast. "Don't worry, we'll have much more fun later."

Tigra smirked as Vinx slid off Tigra's body and strolled into the bathroom.

Furaka, in all aspects, were absolute hotties by nature. Makeup was non existent because of it having zero purpose. 

Vinx took care of her usual routine, brushing her teeth, showering, etc.

Tigra didn't have do get up until at least two in the afternoon, so as far as she was concerned, she has time.

Vinx walked out the shower clad in a pink towel, a smirk across her face.

God, she couldn't wait to hear the sounds of DeathCannons singing their eternal chorus. Vinx LOVED Cannons. And she was especially hyped up for the 51 kilometer long Death Dreadnought! Shit was fucking gargantuan. Though, Vinx was amazed as to how they built it. While it was the only spaceship the Furaka held,currently, it only inspired the Furaka as a whole to work that much harder.

And being a WarEmpress, Vinx was already aware of the lesser spacecraft to be onboard the Death Dread and weaponry designs for the Death Dread. Prototypes for Mass Population to habitat worlds were being constructed as well, but making an explorative massive dreadnaught was a much safer way to venture uncharted space.

Yes, Furaka are space faring, thanks to some small cadre of scientists getting extra horny for technological advancement. Which inevitably led to the recent break through to space-faring ships. 

But the Death Dreadnought, would be the first ship to venture past their moon's.

Oh, Vinx was too damn excited for that baby to shine.
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