Hi, Im starting 20time for the first time this year and was wondering whether anyone started by doing some lessons for the kids on other skills which they will be using for their research (eg, giving them practice at researching etc) or weather you got straight into it and taught as you went? Also where have people shared their projects? Do you usually share just within the school or do you share on a more public forum? One more questions, are their any good online sites that help students research safely, besides safe search and kid rex? Thanks! 

I'm trying 20 Time for the first time this year. Some of my 8th grade students have projects that my admin is wanting a permission slip/release of liability for. One example is a couple of my students are building a bmx bike ramp and creating a website with step-by-step instructions. She is concerned with the safety issues (although they are building the ramp at home) and the public website. Any suggestions? Do you use a parent permission slip?

Working on doing a Genius Hour and really trying to get the teachers to buy in to having the students have an essential or driving question. Any ideas?

Just had PD on Genius Hour last Friday and I am pumped. I teach 6th grade LA and I would love to have Genius Hour. My thoughts are to start in in March and work on it every Friday. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be great!

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New Blog post pre-Google Summit  http://goo.gl/gbULi1

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Up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday = time to write a new blog

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I'm going to be starting the blog portion of my project soon.  Any suggestions on guidelines for having students comment on each other's blogs?

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I shared this on Twitter, but didn't think of sharing this here.  Blog post about the Bad Idea Factory maybe being a bad idea.  

Hi, I am doing 20 Time with high school juniors. Do you have any suggestions for working with reluctant students or helping students who are intimidated by the process?
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