A woman gasped awake and looked around with groggy eyes. She was strapped to a chair, with wires protruding from pads stuck to her head, collar, and arms. The room was dark and small, filled with televisions, showing faces of unknown people and numbers. 5, 27, 36, 4, 18… A voice snapped her into focus. “Wake up, wake up!” She took in her surrounding and looked up at a one-way observation mirror. She saw the shadows of two men. “Where am I? Where’s Reznov?” They ignored her questions. “You will answer our questions, do you understand?” She looked around frantically. “Who the hell are you?” “That’s not important. What’s important is who you are. What’s your name?” “Fuck you!” “Where and when where you born?” “Kiss my ass!” Searing pain ran through her as the electric chair activated for a split second. She screamed. “Your name is Anna Mason. You were born in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1934. In 1961 you served in the CIA in an assassination mission known as Operation 40. Is that correct?” She was silent until they sent another jolt of electricity, making her scream again. “Is. That. Correct?” She sighed. “Yes.” “Where’s the Broadcast Station?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “The numbers Anna, what do they mean?” She looked at the TVs again. 9, 21, 18, 64, 3… “I don’t know anything about an numbers!” “What about Dragovich? Do you remember him?” The TVs showed a smug looking man with a round face, short, dirty blond hair, and stubble. “Give us what we want, and we guarantee your safety.” She was electrocuted again, her scream echoing in the small room. “Let’s start at the beginning. Cuba, 1961, the Bay of Pigs, we know you were there.”
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Images flooded Anna’s mind, an exploding police car, a person getting shot in the neck, a plane taking off. “No!” “Do not fuck with me Anna! I know when you’re lying. ’61, Bay of Pigs, what happened?” Anna chuckled. “We all got killed.” “There’s no use lying, Anna. We know you went in with Frank Woods and Jason Bowman.” “Woods, Bowman…” She struggled to remember it, flashes of faces, gunfire, and explosions. “Dragovich, do you remember Dragovich?” “Castro, we went in to kill Castro.”

Anna sat at a table with three men. Frank Woods, her best friend. He was tall, had brown hair, a beard, green eyes, and never had a joke. Anna had never known anyone so loyal. Jason Bowman, an African-American with a shaven head and a barrel chest. He never gave up on anything or anyone. The third man she didn’t know. Frank had called him Carlos on the way in. He was Cuban, with short blond hair and a goatee. He was responsible for their equipment and extraction. They were in a bar in Cuba. A barman stood bored with a phonograph playing annoying mariachi music. A native woman in a red, floral, dress danced by herself. Woods lit a cigarette. “Police are gonna be here soon, let’s make this quick.” Carlos lent against the table and stubbed out his own cigar in the ashtray. “It’s been too long, Woods.” “Heh, Long enough Carlos, you know Jason, right? And this here is Anna.” After a quick introductory session, Carlos unfolded a hand-drawn map from his back pocket. Frank studied it. “So you got what we need?” “This is a map of the area. You will be here, in the plantation, my old plantation. Our attack on the airfield should distract the enough to get you inside.” “What about the evac?” “You will have transport waiting for you, just be there.” Frank folded up the map and slid it into his back pocket. “Excellent” The door behind him opened and two police officers walked through the door. “We got company” One police officer stood at the door. The other walked over to the girl dancing. He grabbed her arm and they exchanged a quick argument in Spanish. He threw her to the floor and she ran to the back of the bar. The bartender still looked bored. The officer walked up to Frank and said something in Spanish. “I said where you from?” Anna glanced at Frank. “Be cool Frank, wait.” “I’m talking to you!” The officer grabbed Anna’s wrist and Frank pulled a knife from his belt, stabbed the officer in the hand, and smashed a bottle on his face. Anna stood up and shot the other officer twice in the chest with a pistol she pulled from her belt. Carlos tapped Anna on the shoulder and threw her an M16, with a grenade launcher attached. “Everything is ready!” Frank shot the first officer and took his own rifle. “Sorry about the bar, Carlos.” “No problem, my men will dispose of the bodies.” Several more police cars pulled up in the street. “Occupants leaving their vehicles, armed with shotguns!” Jason said as they stacked at the door. Frank pointed at Jason and Carlos. “You two lay down covering fire, we’ll fight our way through the streets. Anna, you’re on me.”

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telepathically smashing rocks together and watching the explosions
funny, but a bit dull... it's better with supernovas... alright i see you turns around to face you now whether you like it or not, i'm up to fight someone because, i'm bored, and you're my next little toy. i take it you're a fleshy living punching bag for me. smacks your face at light speed sending sprawling down the mountain i'm standing on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! YOU'RE HILARIOUS!!! jumps down making a massive impact crater where i land alright alright, that was cheap, we both get that, so let's go again. gets into a fighting stance your move.
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name: the dark prognosticus
age: existed before anything else
gender: male
capabilities: Power augmentation,
Power bestowal,
mimicry or absorption,
Power negation,
Power sensing,
Acid generation,
Animal mimicry,
Biological manipulation,
Body part substitution,
Bone manipulation,
Duplication (physical),
Duplication (temporal),
radar sense,
Instantaneous full regeneration,
Kinetic absorption,
Pheromone manipulation,
Poison generation,
Reactive adaptation/evolution,
Self-detonation or explosion and reformation,
Sonic scream,
Vortex breath,
incredible agility / reflexes,
Superhuman strength (occasionally smashes planets apart for fun),
Night vision,
X-ray vision,
Heat vision,
Freeze vision,
Innate capability,
Superhuman mentality,
Superhuman tracking,
Breaking the fourth wall,
Cross-dimensional awareness,
Spiritual mediumship,
Memory manipulation,
Mind control,
Psionic blast,
Psychic weapons,
Darkness or shadow manipulation,
Density control,
Elemental transmutation,
Gravity manipulation,
remains in physical form of twelve years of age forever,
Intangibility or phasing,
Light manipulation,
Magnetism manipulation,
Mass manipulation,
Microwave manipulation,
Molecular manipulation,
Probability manipulation (I've never lost a bet or gamble),
Radiation manipulation,
Reality warping,
Sound manipulation,
Air and wind manipulation,
Cold and ice manipulation,
Earth and stone manipulation,
Electric manipulation,
Fire and heat manipulation,
Plant manipulation,
Water and moisture manipulation,
MAJOR Weather manipulation,
Concussion beams,
Energy blasts,
Energy constructs,
Energy conversion,
Force field generation,
Electrical transportation,
Dimensional travel,
Portal creation,
Is faster than science says is possible (is so fast that the slowest hyperspeed he can do slows time down enough to grab and snap rays of light with a flick of normal human strength),
Size shifting,
Substance mimicry,
and finally, absolutely obliterating all laws of physics and increasing the potential of all his abilities increase infinitely, and only growing even stronger in the altered area, and the laws of physics are gone to the point where he can break all rules of someone's abilities, for instance, he CAN time-travel in the altered area, or, if someone is better than him at EVERYTHING, in the altered area, they're insignificantly weak compared to him.
weaknesses: laughs i have none
appearance: a book with an entity of shadows shaped like a human that can come out of the eye-like sphere in the center, and hold the book and throw it around like a toy, but the book serves as a vital organ to the entity.

can you make a category named "other"?

I'm very confused about why hentai says (no rape).....

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Names:piss cakehole and cakehole piss


Ages:26 and 24

Bio:what do you get when you cross a male demon with a female witch? You get piss cakehole and cakehole piss. Trained to kill at the individual ages of 5 and 6 they are born killers the first time they killed was when their parents were kidnapped and put on execution by a few demon hunters. This demonic duo have a unique way of killing people they skin their victims. After they saved thier parents they left home and attempted and did fit into society.they kill at night but however if you form any social bonds and i mean any social bonds they will refuse to attack you

Powers:being of demonic lineage each brother has access to thier own special state that they go into only when about to lose a battle or about to die

The green state:this state belongs to piss cakehole it doubles his durability and triples his damage.

The yellow state:this state belong to cakehole piss its basically the same thing as the green state except it makes him slightly stronger than green state piss cakehole 

Eye color:glowing red for piss cakehole. Glowing blue for cakehole piss
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I'm on a tall building loading my sniper rifle about to shoot my target in the head when (Open)
((This is in the city))

Name: Jordan
Age: 15
Species: Prostinian Assassin
Bio: Born in the sprawling wasteland that was once Prostinia, I was raised like any child of Prostinia with knives, bows and poison. when i turned 5 i was given my first knife and havent lost it since. When i turned 13 i was given my first contract, kill the leader of a bandit gang not too far from the cave i lived in. Of course i failed epicly and was captured. i was held prisoner by the bandits until i was 14 when i decided i was going to take my revenge on my captors. i escaped my cage and killed my captors one by one until i came across the leaders cell. i entered but he had already left, i still havent found him.
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