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Daz Originals Arien
Compatible Figures:
Compatible Software:
DAZ Studio 4.9
Install Types:
Daz Connect Install Manager Manual Install

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A brief video explaining my personal UI layout preferences in 3dsmax, and how customization of certain tools can enhance your workflow. Hope you enjoy.

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Managed to get round to changing the angle slightly.

Still not sure how to change the fabric matgerial though.

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Stacking Exercise.

Will try and remember to scan sketches in at some point, but here are the renders, both with and without the "override" options.

Decided to stick to boxes, looked at a few different options, including a kids spelling blocks, cardboard boxes and a few other things. Thought Dice would be pretty interesting, used a chamfer cube, and then used chamfer cylinders as a boolean subtract to create the dots on the faces.

I think I managed to create a pretty good plastic material, though my initial intention had been to create a transparent plastic. However my computer didn't seem to do anything when I told it to render...

The wood for the plane looks weird, not sure why though. No options I selected seemed to change it =/
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Primitive Sculpture Exercise Images.

Didn't really sketch anything out first - Wanted to create something with a hanging aspect, didn't really want the two "verticle" Torus', had just envisioned the top half as arches - but didn't know how to cut the Torus' in half without using edit poly...

Still struggling with getting lighting right. I think perhaps there was too much going on, the shadows seem to overwhelm it when they're turned on.
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Table and Chairs.

Wanted to use the "Slice" parameter that was pointed out yesterday. While I couldn't get the fabric material right for the cushions, I think I did ok with the wood material, learnt a lot about tiling the material - still not perfect but much better than the standard effect it started with I think.
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