picfrom my camers

Sorry to trouble, but just wanted to know if this app can support reading embedded flat field profiles, cause with my device, there is a visible vignette with apps that don't read the embedded profile, but other apps that do read it seem fine.

I have one request that might be useful.

I recently started using the layers setting, and it's really useful, although adding denoising per channel might help a lot like in the case where we just want to just denoise the sky (blue channel) or only a certain colour.

Thanks to the devs of this, it's great!

Photo mate r3 is awsome.but some issues like loading problem.if the app screen rotation is on phto mate will is restart in each rotation and more problem like cpu it is hevy.

Hi, did anyone so far made experience with the beta? Improvments, maybe also downsides or issues? Any feedback is appreciated!

Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce the first beta release of V3.0!

Yes, that's correct, we will directly switch to 3.0 because we're completely switching the raw decoding engine!

- Using Libraw as the base decoder engine for better support of new cameras and mobile phones
- Several serious fixes for smaller memory footprint and more stable editing

Please note that the new decoder may result in slightly different editing results, so you should export your images first. Since this is a beta, you may also encounter crashes or errors in the decoder, in such cases please - as always - report them so we can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks and happy editing! :)

Thank you very much for adding support to write directly to SD cards!!!

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I bought using about Month  and all was ok, and today i cant using SD card. When i choose SD location i see error: you choose wrong patch. Please follow the steps carefully to allow acces to your sd-card. And its all. I cant write to sd and this  is weeeerrrry bad. Please fix this. Problem is also in free apk and beta release.

Crasha, rivoglio indietro i miei soldi
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