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Hey everyone

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Here my profile.
"Don't fuck with me"
"Nice try kid"

Name: Amy Smith
Spirit Name: Leo

Amy Age: 18
Leo Age: ???

Amy Gender: Is a Futa aka Both genders
Leo Gender: Same as Amy

Amy Sexuality: Bisexual
Leo Sexuality: ????

Amy Species: Nephalem (half angel,half demon)
Leo Species: Before death:??? After death: Ghost/Spirit (that pretty easy to guess)

Amy Abilities: Can heal people and herself, Can fly, Control people, Fire Ability, wings and turn in sharp knife.
Leo Abilities: Unknown (will change when think of some)

Amy Personality: Nice, Calm, Love everything, Can turn bitchy if she want to
Leo Personality: Mean, Jerk, Doesn't like everything, Will kill you if he has a chance.

Amy Parents: Dead
Leo Parents: ???

Amy Crush: Met no one yet
Leo Crush: Met no one yet

Amy Likes:Cake, Love Candy, Cats, Nice people, Anime, games and Leo
Leo Likes: Really doesn't like anything but Amy

Amy Dislikes: Mean people, Horrible games, People that touch her stuff.
Leo Dislikes: People.

Amy Appearance
Hair: Long, Ruby red
Eyes: Violet, glow in the dark
Height: 5'4"
Clothes: Wears Armor or a red dress
Leo Appearance
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Black with little bit of red in it
Weight: 90
Clothes: Wears a red hoodie and red pants. In battle his armor.

Amy Bio: She found her parents dead and she think that she killed them, after a month she met Leo, a being living inside of her. They became great friends and anyone that hurts Amy has to met Leo.

Leo Bio: Mysterious found dead, After a year and so he met Amy and deicide to live with her, Nothing more is known about this person.
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Name:Sam Barker
Age:Looks 16 is 1400
Abilities:Can Simon two soul dragons he controls/Can double his size
Crush:Alena Pyrrhrus (+Kaitlynne Knight​)
Likes:The center of his world
Dislikes:Anyone who messes with the center of his world
Appearance: 6'4 with platinum blue hair and paleish skin.
Bio: He has one love that he cares about one thing in the whole world that hed do anything for and thats the center of his world his Alena...
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Name:Bonnie Bonet


Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Species:rabbit human hybrid(2 robotic parts that know one knows about),and can change moods(purple: normal,blue:ready for something or rocking or feeling pretty badass and being a complete and total derp,goldish yellow:pissed or being sneaky or did something bad)

Ability:when pissed sends out and earpearcing scream, (when wanting to) can hypnotize people the guitar, and can teleport or go invisible

Crush: none

Likes:pizza,rock music,and candy,and bumper cars

Dislikes:jerks,doors in the face,and anything big (scares me)

Appearance:4'9"(rest is in the photos)

Bio:had a bad accident when at 10 that I don't member most of.loves to play guitar even at the wrong moment. Is willing to share my music with anyone. Absolutely loves pizza. Doesnt know where parents are suspicions are they're dead. Has a motorbike that turns into a bumper car
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Name: Dante Sparda

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Species: Cambion (half demon half human)

Abilities: Devil Trigger (second third fourth fifth sixth pic), Quicksilver (slows time) Trickster (multi evade) Royal Guard (blocking that can damage enemies too) Gunslinger (tricks with different guns) Swordmaster (same as gunslinger except with swords) Darkslayer (use of Yamato a sword that can cut through space)

Parents: Sparda and Eva

Crush: +Kaitlynne Knight

Likes: +Kaitlynne Knight killing demons using my guns

Dislikes: demons

Appearance: Below

Bio: Dante is the son of the demon Sparda who is no ordinary demon, he is the Legendary Dark Knight who was 2000+ years old when he died and his mother Eva was a human, to this day he is a a Devil Slayer and Demon Hunter working at his business Devil May Cry

Quotes: "This party is getting crazy. Let's Rock!" "he was right, it's like an all you can eat buffet" "I think that look suit you better" "I was wondering how long it would take you to notice me, now my coat's all charred"

Theme song: Taste the Blood
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"Shut the fuck up."

Theme Song:
Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne ft. Marilyn Manson

Name: Faye Hearts

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Badass witch

Abilities: can enchant any guy, uses a lot of dark magic

Parents: deceased

Crush: Dante, +Arkham Knight​

Likes: Fights, her brass knuckles, tight clothing, smoking, drinking, music, dancing, singing

Dislikes: rules, jerks

Appearance: 5'4", black hair, blue eyes, has a skull&rose tattoo on her lower back, and a dragon tattoo on her stomach.

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Name: Alena Pyrrhrus

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Elvish Shape shifter/Phoenix Siren/Witch

Abilities: Sings beautifully, can light her self on fire, reads and writes in Elvish and Dwarvish, uses magic(dark and light)

Parents: Matthew James Pyrrhus and Taylor Maya Hearts Pyrrhus

Crush: Sam, +XTG LEGEND

Likes: playing in the rain, MUSIC IS HER LIFE, singing, dancing, sweets

Dislikes: jerks and douches

Appearance: 5'3", pink hair, blue eyes

Bio: Alena is a transfer from Boston, Mass. and has a special ability. She traveled with the circus until she finally settled here and decided to go to school. Her father was in the military and so was her mother before all three of them joined the circus, her mom made a outfit out of their old military clothes that was nice and snug of Alena, but showed her curves in a good way.

((The two pictures of the elves are her but just imagine they have pink hair))
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Sam in his Draken king outfit just add his tats

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