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Notice for MBCS course feedback survey


Please click the link below to submit MBCS course feedback survey.
When comleting the answers, please write down your name, so that I can confirm you have submitted the form. The survey is mandatory for all registered students.

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Lecture slides for lecture on December 3rd.

Notice for MBCS finals on December 11th.


On December 11th,  final exam will take place. Please read following information regarding the exam on Wednesday.

1) Be on time. No extra time will be given for those who arrive late.
2) The exam will take place in Building 203, Room 106
3) Please use black or dark-colored pen only. The answer sheets will be scanned in black and white and colored pens or pencils could be missed when scanned.
4) All responses should be written in English.

To let me know that you have read the notice, click +1 sign, Thank you. If you have any questions regarding the exam, please contact me.

Thank you and good luck!

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PPT slides for lecture on Nov 27th

Notification for Class Rescheduling:

This week's lecture by 김기웅 교수님, will be held on Dec 3rd, 10am to 1pm. 

 Classroom Change:
연건캠퍼스 의과학관 1층 106회의실 ==> 116호 회의실

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Reading material for lecture on Nov 27th:
ERP Guidelines

*Please read highlighted section of the paper.

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Notifications for class on November 27th,

1) Class on Nov 27th will be held in 연건캠퍼스.
- 3:30pm~4:00pm 연건캠퍼스 의과학관 1층 106회의실 뇌파관련전위 이론 수업 - 권준수 교수님
- 4:00pm~ 연건캠퍼스 의생명연구원 3층 뇌파실 EEG 실습 - 신경순 박사

2) The class will start 30 minutes earlier than usual. (3:30 pm instead of 4pm) Please, don't be late for class.

* If you think you need help with getting to 연건캠퍼스, please contact me for assistance.
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